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About NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services

    AU Bank aims to fill the credit gap attributed to financial limitations in lending, for certain economic activities and against certain asset classes, with its NBFC-HFC-MFI lending services.

    Since the NBFC industry requires a constant stream of funds for growth and expansion, our credit and business cycles are designed keeping in mind the varied needs of our customer’s in this segment.

    Being a participant from the same space, we have the industry know-how and technical expertise to ensure effectiveness of each offering under the NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending unit. We are committed to change this space with customer centric approach and customized NBFC Lending, Micro-finance Lending, and HFC Lending products.

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Overview of NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services

Funding NBFCs is a unique offering under which we directly finance Asset Finance Companies, Housing Finance Companies and Micro-finance Companies registered with RBI / NHB for further lending. AU Bank’s Micro-financing comes with customized offerings built around specific requirements of NBFCs / HFBs, based on a detailed evaluation and due diligence of customer portfolio and processes. We customize our NBFC Lending, Micro-finance Lending, and HFC Lending offerings, according to customer business needs, post assessing the business model by thorough assessment of the clients.

Features & Benefits of NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services

The features and benefits offered by AU Bank’s NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services include quick and hassle-free loans from us with speedy approvals.

Prior to this, we ensure personalized due diligence and assess your portfolio and processes.

We will guide you completely through the entire Micro-finance Lending process with utmost transparency.

Eligibility for NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services

  • Evaluation by the customer's portfolio size, asset quality, asset verification, Branch Visits, Capital Adequacy Ratio, Vintage and other industry as well as segment specific parameters, etc.
  • Registered Asset Financing NBFC (Auto, Mortgages), HFCs, Registered MFIs with significant AUM

Interest Rates, Fees & Charges for NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services

The NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending interest rates, fees & charges include the following:
  • Competitive interest rates, based on assessment, portfolio size and assets quality, etc.
  • Loan processing fees, documentation fees, due diligence charges to be charged as per sanction amount and actual expenses incurred in such exercise
  • Other charges as per AU Bank’s Standard Policy

How to apply for NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services

Provided below are the steps you can follow to apply for NBFC lending, micro-finance lending, or HFC lending:
  • Fill in the online application form and our representative will get in touch with you.
  • You can apply for a loan by calling our customer care center at 1800 1200 1200.
  • Write to us [email protected] or visit our branches.

If you are an existing customer, you may also get in touch with your Sales and Credit associates for more information regarding AU Bank’s NBFC lending, HFC Lending or MFI Lending Services.

Disclaimer for NBFC-HFC-MFI Lending Services

Sanction is subject to detailed assets verification and quality assessment, positive due diligence, legal and technical reports (as per applicability), complete loan documentation and case approval.

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