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Building a
high-performance culture

We are crafting our employee policies with the aim of being an employer of choice that attracts, retains and nurtures the industry’s finest talent. With a culture of inclusivity at the core of our HR strategy, we ensure our people grow as ‘ambassadors of goodwill’ for AU Bank. Our HR strategy focuses on identifying, developing and helping people transition into the right roles, besides grooming talent for future leadership positions.



Team size


Employees with ESOPs as on 31st March 2020

1,80,532 HOURS

Total time spent on training


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We have a structured recruitment process that emphasises acquiring talent from top institutes across India and strengthening the campus placements with pre-hiring orientation programmes.

We also employ newspaper advertisements, walk-in and campus drives, and social media advertisements for mass hiring. Our recruitment programme concentrates on hiring individuals for high-calibre leadership positions and local hiring across new territories.


We evaluate the progress of our people consistently and for this purpose, our HR team visits our branches periodically. For our recruits, we have structured engagement platforms that connect with them at different stages—7 days, 21 days and 45 days after joining —to measure their progress and understand their concerns.

We have established two distinct programmes, which allow us to better connect with our people:


We engage with the top performers of each business vertical to understand their job satisfaction levels. In case of any grievance, we make it easy for them to reach our HR team members and update their Cluster Heads. This enables us to undertake proactive actions to resolve their issues.


We reach out to our sales team and Branch Officers who could not achieve their targets consecutively for three months to guide them on improving their performance. We also connect with their Reporting Manager and Cluster Manager to understand their issues and encourage handholding for performance enhancement.

We are also working proactively to retain our key employees and organised an HR Day - HR SAMPARK.

Learning and Development at AU Bank

The goals of our Learning and Development initiatives is to align individual aspirations and performance to the organisational objectives. We have undertaken several learning and development initiatives, which help train our people.

During the year, we rolled out the following initiatives:

  • Training Need Identification (TNI) for bridging skill gaps of our people. The pilot for TNI has already begun for Branch Banking team
  • Annual Training Calendar
  • Training Effectiveness Measurement tool using Kirkpatrick’s Model to improve our training imparting capability
  • Individual and Executive Development Programmes

We have introduced the following training programmes across the organisation:

  • Pratyarambh training programmes for all business and support verticals, Branch Banking, Wheels, SBL and Home Loan teams
  • ‘Connect’ programme for Customer Delight and ‘Buniyaad’ which is a ‘Back to Basics’ programme of behaviour training.
  • E-learning through short and interactive videos through Learning Management System (LMS) and intranet
  • Management Development Programme for Cluster Business Manager, Cluster Portfolio Manager and Cluster Credit Manager for SBL vertical
  • AU Talk Show: Leadership connect through interactive sessions
  • Virtual Training Sessions using software designed by Microsoft, to be undertaken through WebEx

Employee Health and Safety

Since the very beginning, we set high standards in building our franchise on people, process and products. We maintain high standards by ensuring a safe workplace, building best quality offices and providing a conducive work environment to our employees.

The Bank, keeps its employees at the core, considering them as our biggest asset in building a Banking franchise to trust upon.

The Bank also ensures fire safety as a key area for the safety of employees and a fire drill training programme is organised periodically at our offices.

During the drill, we ensure that all employees exit the building on time for practice. Our safety and security team teaches employees to react well during an emergency and conduct demonstration of firefighting using the fire extinguisher at the premises. There were fire drills organised throughout the year, in our major offices, which were manned with enormous number of employees. We have also disseminated adequate knowledge on fire safety to our branches in the form of mailers and posters.

With the objective of gender equality, we always put our efforts to nurture the talent of our employees.

The Bank is also sensitive towards ensuring a conducive environment for both the male and female workforce, by having adequate policies and procedures in place for ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace’ which ensures a safe work-place, for its employees. The Bank has a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment at the workplace and has constituted a committee to address the issues. It also encourages employees to feel free and raise concerns by being whistle blowers.


This programme is designed to drive standardised culture across locations, strengthen the brand of AU Bank and pride of working for us, while honing skills of our people.


This programme deals with people between Grade D1 and D3 and provides workshop and training initiatives that focus on:

  • Time management
  • Personal and professional goal setting
  • Balancing personal and professional life
  • Working on becoming a more effective leader: Internal communication, creativity and team effectiveness


During FY 2019-20, we conducted a workshop on how to make individuals and leaders more effective by helping them gain hands-on experience, apply timeless principles that yield more productivity, improve communication and strengthen relationships.


People in Grades E1 and above are part of this new programme. This initiative is spread over a period of six months with two sessions per month. We chose four leaders—two in Mumbai and Jaipur each—and have assigned them two senior executive coaches to enable them to grow in their professional and personal space.

We also conduct knowledge sharing sessions with subject matter experts to help our people improve their understanding of various work-related topics.


Employee engagement plays a key role in our overall HR strategies. During the year, we organised several employee engagement activities like Townhalls, Workshops, Cricket League and celebrated various festivals like Christmas and Diwali. These initiatives helped us build synergies and team spirit and raise awareness on various AU-specific topics, besides encouraging our people to live a healthy life.

We have also integrated our HR chatbot, ”Main Hoon Naa”, to answer the queries on HR issues, learning and development, policies and other HR-related concerns at AU Bank.


Our rewards and recognitions initiatives are based on two key functions: a) business performance and b) value-based award. We have a robust talent recognition programme that rewards and celebrates our star performers, with various programmes.

Business performance

Employee of the month

This is a monthly programme conducted across AU Bank’s branches. Under this initiative, we post the photo of the chosen employee on the Wall of Fame.

Star performer/Rock star

This is a monthly recognition by the Regional & Cluster Mangers to the best performer for the month on their branch visits.

Value-based award

AU Dharma Champion

This reward is given to the employees who are living our core values, AU Dharma. The employees are selected on branch level.

Vintage employees

This programme celebrates the journey of our people and provides them trophies for completing three, five, eight and ten years, along with certificates of appreciation. This is a regional award initiative. This is undertaken at the branches, an initiative driven from Corporate HR team.

Rising star/Shining star/Crowning star

This is a rewarding platform for Collection Officers. A Badge along with an appreciation letter from Chief of Human Resources is awarded to boost morale.


With our objective to emerge as a preferred employer, we are investing in our people and empowering them with contemporary skills. Besides, we are adopting data-based decision-making and preparing our people to embrace automation. Going forward, we will enhance engagement with our people, encouraging them further to espouse the latest technology and management techniques. We will also concentrate on retaining our star performers, simultaneously developing bench strength for key positions to bolster our pipeline.