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Swadesh Banking

Transforming Rural Banking Landscape

Swadesh Banking is an innovative initiative aimed at redefining the banking experience in rural and semi-urban India. This initiative is an amalgamation of our decades-long legacy in financial inclusion and a deep-rooted understanding of rural markets. Swadesh Banking is designed to offer 360-degree comprehensive financial solutions to farmers, self-employed individuals, and micro-enterprises in rural India.


One Umbrella, Multiple Services

Swadesh Banking consolidates various rural-centric services under one unified structure. This includes our rural branches, banking outlets, financial and digital inclusion units, and specialized lending units for small and marginal farmers. The consolidation aims to streamline operations and deliver more efficient and targeted services to our esteemed rural customers.


Customized Products and Services

Understanding the unique needs and challenges of rural communities, Swadesh Banking will offer tailor-made banking products and services. This includes digital solutions for local merchants and shop owners, specialized financial products for local industries, and initiatives aimed at nurturing local economic growth. Our focus is to advance financial literacy and digital inclusion, making banking more accessible and beneficial for rural communities.


Digital Bharat: Bridging the Gap

We have invested significantly in user-friendly digital platforms to enhance the accessibility of banking services in rural areas. Our mobile banking app, internet portals, and innovative video banking services have not only made banking more convenient but have also maintained a personal touch. In the past year, we have facilitated the opening of over 66,000 accounts through video banking in rural and semi-urban markets.


Achievements and Milestones

We take pride in our transformative impact at the grassroots level. Our commitment to financial inclusion is evident through our achievements: 94% of our lending is in the priority sector, 62% of loans have ticket sizes up to Rs 25 lakhs, and 31% of our touchpoints are in unbanked rural areas. These milestones surpass regulatory requirements, making us a leader in real financial inclusion.


Leadership and Synergy

The Swadesh Banking initiative is led by a team of seasoned professionals who are committed to making a significant impact in rural and semi-urban areas. The initiative also consolidates other key business verticals like Government Business, Wholesale Deposits, and Cooperative Banking, fostering greater synergy within the organization.


A Vision for the Future

Our vision for Swadesh Banking is clear: to empower every corner of rural India with tailored financial solutions that ignite progress and prosperity. This initiative is more than just banking; it's a commitment to amplify opportunities, cultivate self-reliance, and pave the way for a brighter future in every village and town.

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