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Schedule of Charges - MBL Secured (Secured by Collateral)

S. No.

Charges Parameters

Applicable Charges*


Interest Rate

Minimum: Repo Rate / EBR

Maximum: Upto 24% p.a.


Loan Processing Charges

Upto 2.50%of Loan Amount


Stamping Charges

As per State’s StampAct


Stamping expenses

₹ 100 (including GST)


Interest on overdue EMI

At the contracted Rate of Interest (Loan IRR)

Prepayment / Foreclosure charges

Refer Annexure


Collection Charges

₹ 600 per visit


Cheque/SI/ACH/ECS ReturnCharges

₹ 500


Statement of Account

₹ 500


Duplicate Amortization / Repayment Schedule

₹ 500


Repayment Instrument Swap Charges
(Replacement of PDC or Change of Bank)

₹ 1,000


Change in Instalment date

₹ 500 plus difference period interest (ifany)


Duplicate Copyof Property/ LoanDocument

₹ 1,000


Legal/Sarfaesi/Incidental Charges*

At Actuals


Asset Verification Charges*

At Actuals


Property Valuation Charges*

₹ 2,500 per collateral

Property LegalCharges*

₹ 5,500 per collateral for Delhi, NCR & Mumbai
₹ 3,500 per collateral for other states

Property Swapping Charges*

₹ 7,500per property forDelhi, NCR & Mumbai

₹ 5,000per property forrest of states


Property PaperRetrieval for

Verification/Inspection/For LeaseDeed from Development Authority/Nagar Palika*

₹ 1,500


Provisional / FinalInterest certificate



Conversion of Rate type (from Fixedto Floating or Floating to fixed) or reduction of rate or change in structure

1% of principal outstanding


Lender NOC /Solvency Certificate

Minimum: ₹ 10,000 &Maximum: ₹ 50,000


ROC filling charges

At actuals


Cheque / Disbursement / Loan cancelation

₹ 1,000(within 7 daysof cheque issue date)

₹ 1,000plus interest up to cancelation period


Cash Collection Charges (at thetime

Prepayment / foreclosure only, if cash collection is more than Rs 20,000)

₹ 5 per thousand for cash collection


Duplicate issueof No DuesCertificate

₹ 500


RCU Charges (as per applicability)

₹ 750


Foreclosure Statement Charges

₹ 500


Legal & Courier Charges

₹ 1100


Default collection charge

₹ 600


Tele Collection charge

₹ 40


Penal Charges on EMI default

₹ 0.65 per ₹ 1,000 (or every part thereof) will be charged daily on overdue EMI


* Chargeable based applicability


Prepayment Charges for Partial prepayment


Applicable Charge*

a) If paid upto 6 monthsfrom last disbursement date

5% of Amountwhich is PartialPrepaid

b) If paid after 6 months & upto 12 months from last disbursement date

No prepayment charge to be taken if total amountdeposited in FY up to 25% of POS (starting of FY)

5% of total amountpartial prepaid in FY, if sum of all part prepayment crosses the limit of 25% of opening principal in starting of FY. i.e., Charges will beapplicable on the total amount partially pre-paid in the same FY.

c) If paid after12 months fromlast disbursement date

No prepayment charge to be taken if amount deposited up to 25 % of POS (starting of FY)

3% of total amountpartial prepaid in FY, if sum of all part prepayment crosses the limit of 25% of opening principal in starting of FY. i.e., Charges willbe applicable on the totalamount partially pre-paid in the same FY.

Prepayment Foreclosure charges for Full closure

a) If paid before12 months fromlast disbursement date

5% of Balanceamount at the time of closure

b) If paid after12 months fromlast disbursement date

3% of Balanceamount at the time of closure



  1. Schedule of charges shall be uploaded on AU Small Finance Bank Ltd. website.
  2. The above charges are standard, bank may apply charges either as per this schedule or as per bilaterally accepted terms between customer and the bank.
  3. The above charges are at maximum level, for any discount or waiver on above charges shall be approved by respective authority as per charges approval matrix.
  4. GST and other Government taxes applicable as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above the fees and charges.
  5. Bank do not levy any loan related and adhoc service charges/inspection charges on priority sector loans up to ₹ 25,000.
  6. If customer makes part payment in tranches, then the tranche in which total part pre-payments done in FY crosses 25% of POS in the starting of the FY, then prepayment charges will be applicable on all the part payments done earlier in same FY.
  7. Minimum part payment amount should be equal to 3 EMIs.
  8. No part payment is allowed in Partial disbursed cases and can be made only in full disbursed cases.
  9. Default effect will be given on tenure only i.e., tenure will be reduced until written request to give impact on EMI is given by the customer.
  10. Impact of part prepayment in both EMI & Tenure is not allowed. In exceptional cases, bank can ask for additional/updated documents from the customer along with the submission of supplementary agreement signed by all the customers in the loan with applicable stamp duty & charges.
  11. The terms and conditions, as defined by AU Small Finance Bank, apply. Please refer for Further details.

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