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Tractor Loan

As a country whose economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, a tractor's role is invaluable to not only farmers but also the industry as a whole. Whether you are an individual or a company involved in agri-business, tractor loan can provide you with the necessary funds.
AU Small Finance Bank’s tractor financing offers customized solutions, attractive tractor finance interest rates, and flexible repayment tenures based on your cropping patterns. We provide half yearly, quarterly, and monthly repayment options, based on your needs. We also go one step further and help you identify the models best suited to your region's soil conditions. You can buy both new and pre-owned tractors with minimal paperwork and quick approvals. So, fill in the online application form to apply for a tractor loan, and we will get in touch with you!

Types of Tractor Loan

AU Small Finance Bank offers a quick and easy New Tractor Loans to individuals or companies, which are dealing with agriculture sector and various related agri businesses.
AU Small Finance Bank offers quick and easy Used Tractor Loans to individuals or companies which are dealing with Agri Business.
AU Small Finance Bank provides a specially designed Tractor Loan that offers affordable financial tools to individual farmers and agrarian businesses to help them grow and prosper. Ideal for buying new or pre-owned tractors and related farming accessories, this loan comes with half-yearly and customized EMI options that make repayment easy.