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Commercial Vehicle Loan

Are you thinking of purchasing a loading vehicle to start a transportation business? Do you want to start a travel agency? Or are you looking to add more trucks to your delivery fleet? Whatever your business requirement, a commercial vehicle loan from AU Bank can help you set up or expand operations and boost revenue. 
A bespoke loan offering for businesses and individuals, a commercial vehicle loan can help improve operational and logistical capabilities. And AU Bank offers swift and hassle-free customized financial solutions for your commercial vehicle needs. With up to 100% financing, AU Bank's commercial vehicle finance solutions can put you in the driver’s seat for success!
Our loans come with competitive interest rates and are quick to process. Additionally, documents required for commercial vehicle loan are minimal. You can check your eligibility and EMI for the loan with our commercial vehicle loan calculator and apply for a commercial vehicle loan within minutes.

Types of Commercial Vehicle Loans

You can buy your first commercial vehicle or add more to your existing fleet. Let us empower your business!
AU Bank’s Used Commercial Vehicle Loan allows you to purchase a second-hand commercial vehicle to help your business.