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Personal Car Loans

Owning a car has become more than just an aspiration or status symbol; in many cases, it is a necessity in today's times. Whether you want to make daily commuting trouble-free, tick off a life goal or increase business and revenue, a car offers the liberty to achieve these objectives in different ways.
We understand this sentiment, and that's why our personal car loans include customizable features and budget-friendly repayment schemes that can make this goal achievable for everyone. So, whether you've set your eyes on a brand-new model or a previously loved variant, apply for an AU Small Finance Bank personal car loan and get the keys to your wheels right away!

Types of Personal Car Loans

AU Small Finance Bank offers you the best deal for financing your new car with an attractive rate of interest.
Want to buy a used car so you can easily move around while keeping things under budget? AU Small Finance Bank is here to help you.