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Car Loan

Owning a car can give you the flexibility to plan your life, free of obvious limitations. For instance, you can shorten your commute to work or spend a little more time with your kids as you drive them to school. Planning spur-of-the-moment road-trips without pre-booking rail or airplane tickets becomes a possibility. You can even shop till you drop, knowing that you don’t have to lug around heavy bags in crowded public transport. 
AU Bank makes it easy for you to enjoy the freedom of purchasing your very own personal or commercial car, whether you have immediate funds for it or not. You can apply for a car loan from AU Bank and get attractive interest rates to bring home the car of your choice. We offer financing for new and pre-owned cars at pocket-friendly, monthly installments with low processing fees and zero hidden charges. So, apply for a car loan online today, and enjoy hassle-free financial assistance with minimal paperwork. 

Types of Car Loan 

Whether you want to buy a hatchback, a plush sedan or a high-end SUV, you can avail car finance at affordable monthly installments and competitive interest rates from AU Bank.

AU Bank is here to help you bridge the gap between your business needs and necessary funds. At AU Bank, we help self-employed individuals, business owners, commercial organizations, and other enterprises fund their purchases through commercial car loans.