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Earn up to 7% interest p.a. on Savings Account

Sweep-In Facility for FD

Link your FD to your Savings or Current Account with sweep in facility

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About Sweep In Facility for FD

    With the Sweep-In Facility you can link your existing Fixed Deposit to your Savings or Current Account. In case of a shortfall in the account in processing a debit instruction, the deficit is taken care of by withdrawing the exact value from your Fixed Deposit.
    The deposit is broken in units of INR. 100, thereby giving you the convenience of getting payments processed with ease and minimising your interest loss. Sweep-in of funds from your Fixed Deposit to your Savings or Current Account will get triggered on lowest rate, first-out basis, giving you maximum benefit in case of multiple linked deposits.

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Benefits of Sweep In Facility for Fixed Deposit

  • Earn higher interest on your money with the facility of sweep-in, further securing your Fixed Deposit.
  • Link multiple deposits to your Savings Account and Current Account.
  • Enjoy flexibility in altering the period of deposit, maturity and payment instruction, principal amount and roll over period.


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