Sweep-in facility

With the Sweep-in Facility you can link your existing Fixed Deposit to your Savings or Current Account. In case of a shortfall in the account in processing a debit instruction, the deficit is taken care of by withdrawing an exact value from your Fixed Deposit.

The deposit is broken in units of Rs. 100/-, thereby giving you the convenience of getting payments processed with ease ensuring complete peace of mind and minimising your Interest Loss. Sweep-in of funds from your Fixed Deposit to your Savings or Current Account will get triggered on Lowest Rate, First Out Basis, giving you maximum benefit in case of multiple linked deposits.


  • Earn higher interest on your money with the facility of sweep-in, further securing your Fixed Deposit.
  • Link multiple deposits to your Savings Account and Current Account.
  • Enjoy flexibility in altering the period of deposit, maturity and payment instruction, principal amount and roll over period.