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COVID Shield Deposit for Emergencies

    When COVID like emergency hits you, how will you manage your monthly expenses – EMIs, Rent, School Fees & Living expenses.

Interest Rates

At times of such emergencies

  • Stock Markets fall
  • Mutual Fund NAVs drop
  • Buyers for real estate are not available
  • Selling gold is also not easy

Hence in this case the most secure investment is a deposit with a scheduled commercial bank.

Why is a deposit with a bank most secure?

  • The principal is protected & returns are guaranteed, it is a growing investment.  
  • DICGC Insurance covers deposits upto 5 lacs for a person. Hence you can book funds in multiple names like Spouse, Parents, etc to increase the insurance coverage and security of your deposits.
  • BANKS are recognized as ESSENTIAL SERVICES, thus are fully operational and serving customers during such emergencies
  • Banking services are completely digitalized, you can ACCESS / WITHDRAW your Emergency Fund ANYTIME sitting at home using Mobile Banking / Net Banking services

Presenting your ideal investment for emergencies – the Covid Shield Fixed Deposit.

  • A special FD or RD option for customers to save through
  • A deposit offering up to 7.19%** annualized interest for a period of 24 Months 1 Day to 36 Months
  • Interest Payout options available to manage regular cash flows
  • Life Insurance cover upto INR 5 lacs*
  • Loyalty vouchers on renewal of your COVID SHIELD Fixed Deposit (for 2 Years FD – 0.20% and for 3 Years and above - 0.30%) of the Principal Value.
  • Savings Account with zero balance requirement
  • Preferential rates on loan products (Car, Loan & Business)
  • Pre Qualification for Personal Loans after 1 year at attractive rates.
*Detailed T&C of Life Insurance Cover are attached here
**Annualized returns basis 7% interest rate per annum for senior citizens on FD tenure of 24 Months 1 Day to 36 Months

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