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Term Deposit

As the earning member of your family, securing your future is a big responsibility – something you should not ignore. Whether it is for your children’s higher education, preparing for a financial emergency, or simply to enjoy a comfortable retirement, investing in the right instruments and making yourself future-ready is essential.

An ideal way to make sure this happens is through Term Deposits. And when it comes to setting up a Term Deposit account, we, India’s best Small Finance Bank, offer you different types of Term Deposit options that can suit different investment styles.

What is a Term Deposit?

A Term Deposit is an investment instrument for gaining financial returns. When you invest in a Term Deposit, you pay a certain lump sum amount to the bank at a pre-decided interest rate for a period varying from one month to five years.

We offer one of the best Term Deposit rates. You can get various benefits from our Term Deposits, including choice of interest payouts (monthly/quarterly), the safety of your investment, and loan against the deposits.


Types of Term Deposits

We offer security as well as flexibility for Fixed Deposits. Senior Citizens have an added advantage with this option as they are entitled to a special mark-up rate along with monthly and quarterly payout options.

An investment product that not only lets you earn good returns, but also lets you do your eco-karma of saving our planet for future generations. Your investments would be used towards growth of varied sustainable sectors. Together, let's embark on this journey of sustainability with Planet First - AU Green Fixed Deposit, where your investments become a force for positive transformation.
The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that being well prepared for an emergency is undoubtedly the wisest thing to do. COVID Shield Deposit is a new deposit product that helps you create a fund to be used in case of emergencies.

An ideal feature of a Recurring Deposit is the low level of investment required. You can open a Recurring Deposit account with as little as INR 100. With committed and regular investments, you can slowly build and secure your finances as we provide attractive interest rates.