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Top Features of AU ABHI Savings Account

About AU ABHI Savings Account

    Today's fast-paced lifestyle demands the simplification of practically every task to save time and increase convenience. So, why should banking be any different? We make banking fast, secure, and effortless with the fully digital AU ABHI Instant Savings Account.

    AU ABHI Account lets you access banking services from anywhere. This Zero Balance Savings Account's instant banking facility also provides you with a Virtual Debit Card, free online money transfers, and monthly interest payouts. These are just some of the nifty features you can enjoy.

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Features of AU ABHI Account

  • High-interest rates: Earn up to 7.25%* p.a. on your Savings Bank Account & receive monthly interest payouts. For details, visit Savings Account Interest Rates
  • Instant access to the account: Open an instant Savings Account electronically within three minutes by entering your Aadhaar number and PAN Card details.
  • No minimum balance: No need to worry about fines for failing to maintain a minimum average balance.
  • Transfer funds online without any charges: You can transfer funds online via NEFT and IMPS. UPI facility is disabled for AU ABHI Accounts by default. To enable this facility, please visit nearest branch to convert your account to a Full KYC Account. Alternatively, use our Video Banking facility for servicing the request.
  • Virtual Debit Card: You get a Virtual RuPay Debit Card through which you can carry out online transactions.
  • NetBanking and Mobile Banking: You can register for AU 0101 App/ NetBanking to check balance and avail of banking services on the go.

Benefits of AU ABHI Account

  • Banking at your convenience: Visiting a branch is old school; No need to visit a branch; now get all your banking transactions & other service requests executed from the convenience of your home with the help of our Video Banking facilities.
  • 24x7 online transactions: Make online transactions, such as utility bill payments and mobile recharges, at any time, instantly.
  • Wide range of products & services: Our wide array of products includes lockers, Demat, Mutual Funds, Insurance, asset products & insurance. We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs!
  • Free of charge fund transfers: Enjoy free unlimited IMPS/RTGS/NEFT fund transfers.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are 18 years or above, have the necessary KYC documents (Aadhaar and PAN) issued by the government, and don’t have an existing relationship with us, you can open an AU ABHI Account.

How to apply for AU ABHI Account?

  • AU 0101 App: Download the app from the Android Play store / iOS App store on your phone, fill in the necessary details, and get your AU ABHI Account and RuPay Virtual Card instantly.
  • Video Banking: You can now open an AU Savings Account through our Video Banking service by clicking here. All you need is your PAN Card & Aadhaar Card.

Documents required for AU ABHI Account

You can open the AU ABHI Account online with zero paperwork by just entering your PAN and Aadhaar numbers. However, within one year of opening the account, you must complete KYC verification to keep the account active.

Fees & charges of AU ABHI Account 

We, India's best Small Finance Bank, believe in complete transparency and provide you with a list of charges for the services we offer. Depending on the type of Savings Account you have opened, these include charges for your Debit Card, payment and collection services, transactions, and delivery fees. For more details, please refer to our Service Fee Reckoner.

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Q1. What is an instant Savings Account?

An Instant Savings Account is a Digital Savings Bank Account that you can open online in minutes from any place of your convenience. The process is entirely paperless. You get your account details and can start using AU 0101 App / NetBanking immediately. However, this instant account has a limitation of:

  • Maximum balance of INR 1,00,000 at any point in time
  • Cumulative credits of INR 2,00,000 in a Financial Year

If any of these limits are breached, then your account will be frozen, and will only be made active once full KYC verification is complete. Also, the account remains valid for 12 months. Within this period, you need to complete the full KYC process to lift all restrictions and convert it into a Regular Savings Account. With AU ABHI  Account, you can enjoy a zero minimum balance requirement and a Virtual Debit Card for all your online transactions.

Q2. How to use the Instant Savings Account?

Access account: You can use your AU ABHI Account via the AU 0101 App or through AU 0101 NetBanking services.

Deposit money: You can credit your AU ABHI Digital Savings Account via Debit Card (while opening your account) or NEFT/IMPS transfers from another account.

Transfer funds: You can send money to others via IMPS/NEFT/UPI or Virtual Debit Card without paying any charges.

Online transaction: You can avail of AU 0101 App/ NetBanking facilities or use your Virtual Debit Card for secure online transactions. We provide a 'Green PIN reset' option that lets you generate your Virtual Debit Card PIN by calling the customer care number 1800 1200 1200.

Q3. What are the interest rates on opening an Instant Savings Account?

We offer attractive interest rates to its Savings Account customers. Click here for more information on interest rates.

Q4. Is it mandatory to upload my PAN Card copy to open an Instant Savings Account?

If you want to open an Instant Savings Account digitally, you need not upload any physical documents, including your PAN Card copy. You only have to mention your PAN Card details during the account opening process. However, within a year of opening an instant account, you must submit your KYC documents, such as Aadhaar Card and PAN Card copies, and undergo biometric checks for full KYC verification.

Q5. How can I track my Instant Savings Account?

With AU ABHI Account, you receive account statements on your registered email ID. You can also subscribe to SMS/Email alerts. You also have the option to register for NetBanking and Mobile Banking facilities to access your account. You can download our AU 0101 App here: Alternatively, you can visit the website and log into the AU 0101 NetBanking section.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of AU Small Finance Bank.

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