Savings Account

Three unique features that make AU Small Finance Bank’s Savings Account different.


We offer higher interest rates, upto 6.40%*, for your savings ensuring that you always save more.


We are offering you a monthly interest payout so you realize the interest benefit of your savings every month.


As your banking relationship grows, we offer you a complimentary auto upgrade to the next level of deserved banking privileges and service benefits.

At AU Small Finance Bank, we have designed our Savings Account Product bouquet with the philosophy built on relevance. Each variant in our Savings Account offering represents our philosophy & aims to cater to a differentiating & significant demographic aspect of one's life. Whether you are yet to begin your savings journey or are retired from work, whether you are a salaried individual or professional, whether you are a student or an ambitious woman pursuing her dreams, we ensure that we, at AU Bank, genuinely add value to your banking experience!

Product Suite

We have a comprehensive range of Savings Account variants. A brief description of each of the variants is mentioned below for your reference.


  • SAMARTH - Our flagship Savings Account which provides much more than a ‘generic Saving Account’.
  • BACHPAN – Our Savings Account offering designed for children.
  • VIDYAARTHI – Our Savings Account designed to cater to the requirements of students.
  • TEJASWINI - Our exclusive Savings Account for women.
  • PRAGATI – Our enhanced Savings Account offering for salaried customers.
  • SAHYOG - Our Savings Account offering for the ‘TASC' segment (Trusts, Associations, Societies and Clubs).
  • VARISHTHA – A specially crafted Savings Account for Senior Citizens.
  • AARAMBH, BSBDA & BSBDA Small – These are our Basic Savings Account offerings. The Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) and BSBDA Small accounts as per the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

For details of the features, privileges and services offered under each variant, please go through the respective sections

Bouquet of Packages

As you progress in life, we ensure that your Savings Account also grows with you. At AU Small Finance Bank, we have designed a bouquet of packages that go hand-in-hand with your  progress.  We automatically upgrade your package of services,  benefits and privileges as our banking relationship matures and grows.

In ascending order of benefits and privileges, the packages offered by AU Small Finance Bank are:


With the benefits increasing from Value to Maximum to Premium and reaching their pinnacle in the Exclusive package

The icing on the cake is that the expected minimum balance requirement, for a particular product, stays as is