With AU Small Finance Bank, have peace of mind by storing your valuables in our safe deposit lockers.

You can avail lockers at any branch of your choice. Choose from small, medium, large, extra-large locker sizes to secure your needs at low rentals.

Features and benefits

  • Wide availability of lockers in various sizes and at various locations.
  • Lockers can be hired by individuals, limited companies, associations, clubs and trusts.
  • Nomination facility available.

Eligibility and Documentation

  • Lockers can be hired by individuals, companies and trusts.
  • No specific documentation is required.

Safe Deposit Locker Charges

  • Locker rates vary based on the location of branch and locker sizes.
  • Visit your closest branch for more details.
  • Locker rent is charged annually, payable in advance.

Surrendering Lockers

Lockers are to be surrendered on the basis of a written request from the customer (in person), duly signed by all locker holders. Any exceptions will be handled on a case-to-case basis.

Contents of the letter should clearly state that the locker has been vacated.

Nomination facility in Lockers

  • Nomination on safe-deposit lockers enables AU Small Finance Bank to release the contents to the nominee of the person hiring in the event of their death.
  • We encourage every locker hirer to provide nominee details.
  • The nomination facility is available to anyone hiring a locker.