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An insurance claim is a formal request by a policy holder to their insurance provider for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy event. One can claim it in the form of cashless or reimbursement facility.

The insurer analyses the claim for credibility and coverage as per policy terms and conditions, and when approved, releases payment to the insured or claimant party (representing the insured).

We offer claim support for Life, Health, Motor and General Insurance. We also cover Asset as well as Social Security claims.

The claim process incorporates the following steps.

  • Intimation - disclosing the claim to the insurer
  • Investigation by the insurer
  • Determining the coverage as per policy
  • Claim settlement (Final payment)

When one purchases Insurance from AU Small Finance Bank, they receive a dedicated claim support team to help them throughout the claim settlement journey. The dedicated team supports them whenever there is a need or gap or query in the claim settlement journey. 

For any insurance claims related queries/complaints please call on 1800 120 130 130 or write us at [email protected].

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