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Fincare QR Code

Features of QR Code

About Fincare QR Code

    Do Transactions on Fincare QR Code and Get Zero Balance Current or Saving account* of your choice along Loan* against QR code to grow your business.


Q1. What is the process to get Fincare QR Code?

You can visit our branch to apply for QR code.

Q2. What are the required documents to get Fincare QR?

There is no documentation required for existing bank customers.

Q3. an I get Fincare QR code if I don’t have any account in Fincare?

Yes, currently we are providing QR codes in cities with Fincare branches.

Q4. What are the charges of Fincare QR?

There are no charges, Fincare QR codes are free.

Q5. Can I get Fincare QR code if I don’t have any Business?

Fincare QR Code is only available for Businesses.

Q6. What to do if my QR code is lost or damaged?

Please contact Fincare customer support (1800-313-313) and get the QR Code Discarded.

Q7. What is the settlement Cycle?

For existing bank customers, settlement is instant. For non-bank customers, settlement will be T+1.

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