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Affordable Housing Loans

Top Features of Affordable Housing Loan

About Affordable Housing Loan

    Dream Home is not Just a Dream anymore with Affordable Home Loans upto 75* Lakhs

    • Hassle - free process helps in speedy approvals
    • Loan expert at your doorstep

Home Loan Variants

  • Self-Construction: Constructing a home on your land? We have Home Construction Loan to help you build your dream home.
  • Home Purchase: Planning to purchase a ready home? Purchase loan is all you need.
  • Extension Loan: Need a bigger home? Extension Loan makes it easy.
  • Improvement Loan: Want to give an all new look to your home? Or any renovations to facelift your home-we have you covered with Improvement Loan.
  • Balance Transfer: Transferring your loan at competitive rates and availing additional amount in the form of Top Up is now easy with Balance Transfer Loans.



Q1. What is the rate of interest for Home Loans?

Interest rates and other charges depend on your profile and bank’s assessment method. Please get in touch with us on Toll Free Number – 1800 313 313.

Q2. What is the time taken for approval?

Loan gets sanctioned within a week of submitting requisite documents. Our sales team will get in touch with you to make it faster and seamless.

Q3. What are the charges for early repayment of loan?

Part payment and full closure payment are free under floating rate Home Loans offered by Fincare Small Finance Bank.

Q4. What is the duration option available for Home loans?

You can choose a tenure from 3 years to 20 years subject to your age at the time of applying for loan.

Q5. What percentage of the property price can be financed by Fincare Home Loan?

The bank provides loan amount up to 90% of the property value. Please note: Only loan amounts up to ₹ 10 lakhs are eligible for 90% funding.

Q6. Who can be co-applicants in my loan?

All the applicants whose income is to be considered for eligibility need to be co applicant. Also all the co-owners of the property have to be co-applicants in the loan.

Q7. How important is credit insurance?

In the event of an unfortunate incident, home loan insurance will help you or your family pay off the home loan outstanding amount to the Bank. The insurance company pays outstanding amount to the Bank and property is handed over to family upon closure of loan. This ensures that the burden does not suddenly fall upon family during unforeseen circumstances.

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