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FAQs on AU 0101 NetBanking Payment



Q1. Who can use AU 0101 NetBanking payment service?

AU Bank customers fulfilling the following criteria can avail this service:

  • All savings (including Min-KYC AU ABHI) and Current Account holders.
  • These customers should be registered either on AU 0101 App or NetBanking.

Q2. What all details are required to authenticate a transaction via AU 0101 NetBanking?

On the Payment Gateway login page, you may use any of the following combination to approve the payment:

  • - Username + Password
  • - Username + mPIN
  • - Customer ID + Password
  • - Customer ID + mPIN

Q3. Is there any transaction limit on payments done via AU 0101 NetBanking mode?

There is a daily transaction Limit of INR 10 lacs on these payments.

Refer the link for more information on Transaction Limits for different payment methods.

Q4. Can I modify the Transaction Limit for payments done using AU 0101 NetBanking mode?

Yes, you can modify the limits using AU 0101 App or NetBanking. Follow the steps given below:

  • Log into AU 0101 NetBanking or AU 0101 App.
  • Click on Settings from dashboard and choose Manage Transaction Limits option
  • Or Click on Money Transfer icon on dashboard and choose Manage Transaction Limits from the 3-dot icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • Modify the Transaction Limit for Payment Gateway option using the slider.
  • Click on ‘Save’ button to confirm the change.

Q5. Where can I find my customer ID required for completing the payment?

You can reach out to any of the following channels to know your customer ID:

  • 1. AU 0101 App/ NetBanking – Login to App/ NetBanking and go to View Profile, you’ll find your customer ID there.

  • 2. WhatsApp: Follow the steps below.

    • Send “Hi” on WhatsApp to 8383838399.

    • Type the number corresponding to the option – “Know your customer ID” from the menu.

    • Authenticate via OTP received on your registered mobile number.

    • Validate via PAN or Date of Birth to get the response.

  • 3. (AURO) Chatbot: Go to website and click on AURO (chatbot) icon. Follow the further steps below.

    • Type ‘customer ID’.

    • Enter the mobile number registered with the bank.

    • Authenticate via OTP received on the registered mobile number and further validate via PAN or Date of Birth.

    • You’ll receive SMS on your registered mobile number with your customer ID.

Q6. How do I register on AU 0101 NetBanking?

Follow these simple steps to register:

  • 1. Visit AU 0101 NetBanking

  • 2. Click on Register tab and enter Customer ID (provided in your welcome letter/ E-mail/ SMS)

  • 3. Register using Debit Card/ Credit Card – for Full/Transaction Access.

    • Enter Debit Card number

    • Enter ATM PIN

    • Enter DOB/ PAN (in case of Credit Card)

  • 4. Enter OTP received on registered mobile number.

  • 5. Set Password.

  • 6. Set security question and set Username.

Note: Registration with Debit Card/ Credit Card is required to get Full (Transaction) Access.

Q7. How do I register on AU 0101 App?

Follow these steps to register:

  • 1. Download and install the AU 0101 App from App/ Google Play store.

  • 2. Credit Vidya permissions will appear. You can choose to:

    • a. Click on the T&C checkbox and Agree to the permissions required for Credit Vidya offerings.

    • b. Disagree to the permissions and proceed by accepting only the mandatory device permissions required for app.

  • 3. Go through the walkthrough screens to understand what all is new with the app. On the SMS Secure Code screen, click on the T&C checkbox and proceed to allow the app to send SMS from your registered mobile number for the mandatory device binding.

  • 4. Select the SIM of registered mobile number in case of multiple SIM. Enter and confirm the mPIN you want to set for the app.

  • 5. You can choose to enable Fingerprint (for Android devices) or Face ID (for iPhone devices) authentication for app login.

  • 6. Enter the Debit Card/ Credit Card details on Card Verification screen – for Full/Transaction Access.

    • a. Enter Debit/ Credit Card number

    • b. Enter ATM PIN

    • c. Enter DOB/ PAN (in case of Credit Card)

You have successfully completed the app registration. Click on Start Now button on the pop-up to land on the app dashboard.

Note: Debit Card/ Credit Card details verification is required to get Full (Transaction) Access.

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