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Connect with us anytime, anywhere

We always work to bring convenience to you. Now experience the future of banking with a human touch on AU Video Banking. We are sure you will dote on it.

Connect instantly or schedule a call as per your convenience on all days

Get personalized solutions on a face-to-face call with our video bankers

It’s completely safe and confidential. Check out our security features listed below.

Experience the superpower of AU Video Banking

Almost everything that you could do at a branch, can now be done through Video Banking.
Wondering how to connect?
It's as simple as video calling your friends and family!
You can connect instantly over a Video Call or even schedule it for later as per your convenience.

What’s more? It’s completely safe and secure with OTP based mobile number verification, AI based facial recognition and personalised security questions.

What else do I need to have to hop on a video call?

Not much! Just a couple of requirements and you are good to go:

• You need to be 18 years of age and located within India while doing the video call.
• You need to have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a computer with camera and speakers to connect with our video banker.

Pro tip:
For an amazing video call experience, please be in a well-lit room with good internet connectivity.

AU Video Banking security features

  • Mobile number authentication through OTP
  • AI based facial recognition
  • Personalized security questions
  • All calls being recorded and stored for 10 years
  • Consent being taken before executing any transaction
  • Video Banker’s details displayed on screen during the call


Q.1 What is Video Banking?

Video Banking offers a branch-like experience from the comfort of your home or office, and right from your phone. It’s easy, convenient, and secure to use. Connect with just one click for all services between 8 am to 8 pm on all 365 days (currently servicing only Indian resident customers).

Q.2 Is there any charge/fee involved in Video Banking?

Our Video Banking service is completely free! You will not be charged anything for availing our Video Banking services.

Q.3 Is AU Video Banking only for AU Small Finance Bank customers?

We invite everyone to experience AU Video Banking . You can experience our Video Banking even if you are not an existing AU Small Finance Bank customer.

Q.4 Is Video Banking safe?

Yes, our Video Banking feature is completely secure. The information you provide during a video call is encrypted with an advanced technology. Additionally, with AI-based face recognition, additional OTP verification, and thorough video validation, we keep all your information secure.

Q.5 What all documents I need to upload?

No. Our application does not require any document to be uploaded.
You will only have to show the documents in front of the camera and our video banker will take a snapshot of it. You don’t need to upload any document anywhere in this process.

Q.6 What are the services that can be availed through Video Banking?

With AU Video Banking, Customers can make financial transactions like opening a Fixed deposit or Recurring deposit, Internal fund transfer, NEFT & RTGS from any location. Customers can avail 300+ services including - Mobile/Address/Email changes/updation, Dormant Account Activation, Statement Request, Interest Certificate and more.

Q.7 Do I need to remember my internet/mobile banking username and password for connecting with a Video Banker?

No. it’s not compulsory. You can even connect without logging in. You would just need to validate your mobile number through an OTP in this case. Additionally, you can connect by logging in to your internet or mobile banking platform as well.

Here are the ways in which you can connect with us over a video call:

a. From our website – without logging into your account using internet banking username and password.
b. From our website – After logging into your account using internet banking username and password.
c. From our AU 0101 App – without logging into your account using fingerprint or mobile banking username and password.
d. From our AU 0101 App – After logging into your account using fingerprint or mobile banking username and password.

Q.8 Is Video Banking same as video KYC?

No. While video KYC is a part of Video Banking, it is not all of it. Video Banking covers a wide range of services from opening an account, booking an FD, completing a transaction, raising a service request, resolving any query and providing optimal banking solutions.

Q.9 Is video KYC full KYC?

We provide a video KYC facility that is in line with regulatory guidelines. Under these guidelines, your KYC is considered complete, which makes opening an account with us very simple.

Q.10 What documents are required for video KYC?

There are very few documents required for the video KYC process. You will need an original PAN card along with your mobile number linked to your Aadhaar number. You will also need a blank paper with a pen to submit your signature. With these in hand, you can complete the video KYC process very quickly.