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WhatsApp Banking

Now open an instant account using your WhatsApp in few simple steps.
  1. Give a missed call to +91 84229 92273. This mobile number is linked to the banks authorized “WhatsApp for Business Account” which sends an introduction message (asking for your consent for using AADHAAR EKYC for account opening). Basis your consent, your mobile number registered with AADHAAR will be Confirmed.
  1. Next provide your AADHAAR number & OTP (as sent on your registered mobile number). Once verified your Aadhaar details are shown which will be used for your account details.
  1. Confirm your Aadhaar details & provide communication address and personal details.
  1. Provide your PAN Number. Post successful verification of the same provide your marital status, occupation & salary details
  1. Basis these details your Min KYC account is opened and your account details are sent to you on the registered email ID
Note: This is a Minimum KYC account in which you can maintain a maximum balance of INR 1 lakh and do cumulative credits of INR 2 lakhs in a calendar year. This KYC is valid for a period of 1 year and you would need to do your full KYC by visiting a bank branch in this period to continue usage of this account. You get your virtual Debit card with this account to make online payments.

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