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Top Features of WhatsApp Banking

    About WhatsApp Banking


    With the advent of digital banking, availing of banking services has never been easier and more convenient. Not only are banks more accessible, but now you also have various channels that you can access to take care of your banking needs. Keeping this in mind, we now offer banking services even through WhatsApp! The first bank to provide account opening through WhatsApp in India, we provide this service to increase financial inclusion and make banking easy. 

    With WhatsApp Banking, you can open an Instant Savings Account through chat interactions and even find your nearest branch. You no longer need to search online or reach us through our app. You can use WhatsApp for many of your banking needs.

Getting started with WhatsApp Banking

  • Click here or scan the QR code below and say 'Hi' on WhatsApp.
  • You will get an introduction message with a menu of services on WhatsApp.
  • Select from the menu option, and you are ready to go!

Services available via WhatsApp Banking

  • ATM/Branches: You can locate your nearest ATM or bank branch.
  • Know your banking details: Whether you wish to get your Account Statement, Cheque Book Request, Account Balance, Last 5 transactions, FD/RD details, Loan details or Status of a service request, you can do it all via this service.
  • Update personal details: Update the bank about any changes in your personal details, such as PAN, via a WhatsApp message.
  • Get answers to FAQs: Get answers to all your queries about our products on WhatsApp.
  • Form 15G/15H: Ask for Form 15G/15H on WhatsApp and get the same in no time.
  • Debit Card Services: You can block (temporary/permanent) or unblock your debit card.
  • Credit Card Services: You can Activate your credit card and view card information including reward points and recent transactions.

Benefits of WhatsApp Banking

  • Accessibility: Access banking services from anywhere with WhatsApp Banking.
  • Minimal documentation: Open an account via WhatsApp with minimal documentation. The registration process is fast and easy.
  • Secure banking: Enjoy safe banking with end-to-end encryption of chats and secure processing of customer data.

FAQs for WhatsApp Banking


Q1. What is WhatsApp Banking?

We have linked our services with WhatsApp e-banking services to provide enhanced customer service and help you access an array of banking services through your phone. It allows you to open an Instant Savings Account with quick registration at any time of the day.

Q2. How does WhatsApp Banking work?

WhatsApp Banking brings you the benefits of banking on your favorite messaging app. With WhatsApp banking, you can open an instant Savings Account, check your account balance, locate the nearest ATMs and branches, and even update your personal details. All you need to do is scan the QR code below from your registered mobile number to get the process started.

Q3. Is WhatsApp Banking safe?

We provide safety through WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption. You are not required to provide confidential information such as your PIN and password.

Q4. How do I check my account balance?

To check your WhatsApp Account balance, you need to select that option from the menu provided on our chat, or you can text our WhatsApp number +91 83 83 83 83 99 from your registered mobile number.

Q5. How many transactions can a customer check through WhatsApp?

You can check up to five transactions through WhatsApp. To do this, you need to select the option ‘Check transaction’ from the menu options provided on our WhatsApp chat.

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