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    If you have recently opened an account with AU Bank, you can register for AU Mobile through either AU Bank NetBanking or AU Mobile app. If you have already registered for AU Bank NetBanking, simply enter mPin and start using AU Mobile. Existing customers must register on AU Mobile app only.
    To get assistance on AU Mobile registration process, watch the video.

Following are the steps to register for AU Mobile through the mobile application

  1. Download AU Mobile from Play Store for Android / App Store for iOS and install it on your device.
  2. Open AU Mobile and give permissions as required
  3. Post granting permission, click on register
  4. If you have dual SIMs in your phone, select the SIM (mobile number) which is registered with the bank
  5. App will ask for permission to send SMS from registered mobile number for device binding
    • i. In case of Android, the SMS will be sent in background
    • ii. In case of iOS, the application will navigate to native SMS application with pre-filled details, here click send without changing the SMS content
  6. Once device binding is completed, you are required to select desired Customer ID, in case the mobile number is registered to multiple customer IDs
  7. Set and confirm mPIN
  8. Enter Debit Card Details for authentication i.e. Debit Card Number and ATM PIN. This step is optional, however if skipped, you will only be provided with view access
  9. Enable biometric for login for added security, this is optional and asked only if you have registered your Fingerprint/ Touch ID on your device
  10. You are now registered for AU Mobile Banking and can login with mPIN or Fingerprint/Touch ID

Following are the steps to register for AU Mobile while registering for AU NetBanking (for new customers only)

  1. Open AU Bank NetBanking and click on Register
  2. Enter Customer ID (provided in your welcome kit/ welcome mail)
  3. Select to register using Account Number or Debit Card
    • i. Register using Debit card – you will get full/transaction access
    • Enter debit card number
    • Enter ATM PIN
    • ii. Register using Account number – you will only get view access
  • Select account type
  • Enter account number
  1. Enter OTP received on registered mobile number
  2. Set Password
  3. Set mPIN for AU Mobile
  4. Set security question
  5. Set username
  6. Registration for both AU Bank NetBanking and AU Mobile is complete
  7. You can login to AU Mobile by entering mPIN as set in earlier steps
Note: Registration with Debit Card is required to get complete transaction access. In case you do not have a Debit Card, please register using your Account Details to get a “View Access” of your account. You will be required to go through a two level authentication process after logging in to get “Complete Access” and start transacting

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