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Key Features of AU Small Finance Bank UPI QR Payment

About AU Small Finance Bank UPI QR Payment

    Contactless payments have never been more essential than they are today, not only for customers but also for merchants. Keeping this in mind, our UPI QR Payment solution enables businesses to accept/collect/take secure transactions without compromising on safety.

    Along with a customized QR code, you also get a dedicated bank account through which you can conduct all your financial transactions. At AU Small Finance Bank, we constantly challenge the banking status quo to ensure banking remains a convenient and quick experience for all our customers. 

Features of UPI QR Payment

  • Secure payments: The payments are completely secure. Your customers enjoy a hassle-free method to make payments.
  • No transaction costs: There are no additional transaction charges. All payments are made at 0% interest. Your customers pay only for the goods and services they buy, and you get your money without having to pay any hidden charges.
  • Compatibility with all banks: The UPI payment QR code accepts payments from all banks. There are no additional costs or limitations here. Any customer can transfer money from any bank into your UPI.
  • Same-day settlement: UPI offers the advantage of same-day settlements to your bank account.

Benefits of UPI QR Payment 

  • No added investment: With no investment in purchasing any additional hardware, you can install the UPI QR and turn your business entirely digital at no cost.
  • Ease of use: You can share the UPI QR code through Facebook, WhatsApp, or paste it on the billing counter of your shop for customers to scan and transfer the money. 
  • Convenient: The quick, contactless payments enhance customer satisfaction and, in turn, elevate your sales.
  • 24x7 transfers: UPI payments can be used all day long, 24x7, offering better access to customers.
  • App usability: The AU QR App lets you reconcile your transactions, view them in real-time, and manage your money effortlessly.

How to use the UPI QR Payment method?

Here are the steps to use the UPI QR Payment method for businesses:
  • Contact your Relationship Manager or the nearest branch and place a request for onboarding for the UPI QR Payment service.
  • An executive from the branch will complete the onboarding process and give you a UPI QR code.
  • You can place this UPI QR code near the billing counter in your shop or business.
  • You can ask the customer to scan the UPI QR code via a UPI-enabled app on their smartphones at the time of a sale.
  • After scanning the UPI QR code, the customer can enter the amount and confirm the same to complete the transaction.
  • You will receive a payment confirmation via SMS on your registered mobile number along with a real-time notification in AU-QR app and QR speaker after the money has been deposited.
You can contact us on 1800-1200-1200 for any queries about the UPI QR Payment service.




Q1. What is a UPI QR?

A UPI QR is a payment service that a business can use to receive payments. Customers can scan the business’ QR code with any UPI-enabled app and transfer money when making purchases.

UPI QR is a government initiative to ensure the digitization of the payments sector. It is free to use, and there are no investment costs or transaction charges.

Q2. How do I get a QR code for a UPI?

If you want a UPI QR code for your business, you can install the AU-QR app and sign up. You will receive the code and a dedicated bank account, through which you will be able to transact electronically.

Q3. How do I make a QR code payment?

To make a QR code payment, you need a UPI-enabled app on your smartphone. You can simply scan the code from the app, enter the amount, and tap on ‘Confirm’ to transfer the money. The money will instantly be sent to the intended receiver.

Q4. How do I activate/ reactivate my UPI ID?

The UPI can only be activated by the bank. So, to activate or reactivate your UPI payment QR code, get in touch with your Relationship Manager (RM) or visit the nearest branch for more information.

Q5. How does UPI QR payment work?

The UPI QR Payment has a simple working mechanism. All you need is the UPI QR code for your business. The customer scans the code, transfers the money, and the funds are deposited in your account. An SMS is sent to confirm the transfer, and the money is settled on the same day. There are no costs for installation or transactions. The service is free of charge and adds efficiency to your payment methods. Moreover, payments can be made from any bank. Additionally, there are no restrictions or limitations to use the UPI QR Payment service.

Q6. I haven’t received the payments from the AU QR. Is there any wait period or should do I raise the issue?

QR Settlement occurs in two cycles.

  • - Payments received till 3 pm, get settled on the SAME Day (Evening) (between 8 to 9 PM)
  • - Payments after 3 pm, get settled the NEXT Day (between 8 to 9 AM).

If you still face any further issues, reach out to us on [email protected] (add screenshot if required) or call us at 1800 1200 1400.


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