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Mastercard Platinum Debit Card

    About Mastercard Platinum Debit Card

    Do you want a Debit Card that has numerous offers and discounts from your favorite brands? Well, a Mastercard Platinum Debit Card might just be what you need. Our Mastercard Platinum Debit Card is carefully crafted to provide exclusive and convenient benefits to users in their daily lives.

    The Mastercard Platinum Debit Card comes with some hand-picked privileges that will make every day memorable for you.

Features and Benefits


• Withdrawal and purchase: Our Mastercard Platinum Debit Card offers higher limits on daily withdrawal and purchases up to INR 50,000 & INR 2,00,000 respectively.
• ATM-friendly: Mastercard Platinum Debit Card makes ATM transactions easier. You get a high daily ATM fund transfer limit of INR 20,000 with this card.
• Tap & Go: Enjoy contactless transactions of up to INR 5,000.
• Air Personal Accident Cover: Get an air accident cover of INR 5,00,000 on your Mastercard Platinum Debit Card if the bank is informed within 30 days of such incident.
• Personal Accident Cover: Get a personal accident insurance cover of INR 2,00,000 if the bank is informed within 30 days of such an incident.
• Card Liability Cover^: Our Platinum Debit Card comes with a Liability Cover. In case of fraudulent transactions, your cover will help to recover the loss up to INR 2,00,000.
• Purchase Protection*: Mastercard Platinum Debit Card comes with purchase protection benefits up to INR 25,000. This means that if the goods purchased within 90 days are destroyed due to fire or even stolen, you can claim damages.
• Extensive offers: With the Mastercard Platinum Debit Card, you can get lucrative offers on shopping, online purchases, car services, and various other categories. For more details, click here.
Click here to know more about the additional liability benefits covered

Fees & Charges:

For fees and charges associated with this card, please see the applicable Schedule of charges by clicking here.
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How to apply for a Mastercard Platinum Debit Card?

Apply for a Mastercard Platinum Debit Card instantly by following these simple steps and enjoy several benefits:
Visit our branch: Head to your nearest branch and apply in person.
Call customer care: Alternatively, you can apply for a new card by calling our customer care number 1800-1200-1200.

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