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Top Features Of AU Vishesh Current Account

AU Vishesh Current Account

    Our Vishesh Current Account is especially designed for medium sized businesses to ensure optimal utilization of money and increase savings by earning interest on surplus funds with Sweep-In and Sweep-Out facility*

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Features and Benefits

Benefits of AU Vishesh Current Account

Receive customer payments through:
  • Higher and dynamic cash deposit limits: Receive free payments starting from a minimum of INR 7.5 lakh or 10 times of previous month's AMB, up to INR 20 lakh whichever is higher.
  • Bank locations: All your cheque collections can be received free of cost at our bank locations, whether local or outstation.
  • Multiple payment modes: With various options to choose from, have customers make payments free of cost through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/IFT.
  • Seamless transactions: Eliminate tedious processes, let your customers switch to an easier choice free of cost through our QR code and UPI facility.
  • Cash deposit machines: Avail 24X7 cash deposits to ensure you receive your payments without time restrictions. 
  • Merchant Solutions: Receive payments through our Point of Sale (POS) and Payment Gateways.
  • Free cheque pick facility: Have your payments come straight to you with our free cheque pick facility.
Make vendor payments through:
  • Multiple digital channels: Choose how you would like to pay vendors with our multiple payment modes such as NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/IFT.
  • Cheque payments: Should you choose to make payments by cheque, we provide you with 200 leaves free per month.
  • Cash withdrawals: For all your payments made by cash, you can be assured of free cash withdrawals from any of our branches and ATMs.
  • Online banking: Get free access to AU 0101 App, Retail, and Corporate NetBanking for secure payments.
  • Debit Card: You also receive a Visa Business Platinum Debit Card, giving you a host of benefits and offers.
  • Bank locations: Benefit from unlimited DDs payable at our and correspondent bank locations.
*Facility available at sole discretion of bank

Fees and Charges

For complete details on fee and service charges, click here 
Charges Applicable
Product Average Monthly Balance (AMB)
INR 50,000
Charges for Non-Maintainence of Average Monthly Balance (AMB)
INR 1,000 
Cash Transactions
Cash Withdrawal at any AU Small Finance Bank Branch
Cash Deposit at any AU Small Finance Bank Branch
Free limit per month will be Higher of following
i) Minimum INR 7.5 lacs; or
ii) 10 times of Previous month AMB
Maximum free limit INR 20 lacs
Charges beyond free limits is INR 4/1000 (Min. INR 50)
Free limit applicable in account opening month is INR 7.5 Lakhs

Note :If minimum monthly average balance is less than INR 25,000/-, then Cash Deposit free limits will not be applicable for next month
Low Denomination Notes (LDN) & Coins Deposit
Low Denomination Notes (Daily) -
Upto INR 10 Thousand : Nil
Above INR 10 Thousand  : 0.5% of the LDN deposited
(Min Amount : INR 50/-)
Coins -
Upto INR 100 : Nil
Above INR 100 : 5% on entire amount of coins deposited to charged
Remittances & Payments
NEFT /RTGS Collections  & Payments(Digital)
NEFT Payments at  Branches
Up to 1 Lakh : INR 2 per transaction ;  Above 1 Lakh : INR 10 per transaction
RTGS Payments at Branch
INR 10 per transaction
UPI/ Intra Bank Fund Transfer - Payments and Collections
Cheque Book & Demand Draft (DD)
Issuance of Cheque Book
Free 200 leaves per month; thereafter INR 2 per leaf
Local & Outstation Cheques Collections at AU Small Finance Bank Locations
Stop Payment of Cheques through Net / Mobile  / Phone Banking / ATM
Stop Payment of Cheques through Branches
INR 50 per cheque or range of cheques in series
Instrument / Instruction issued such as Inward Cheque / ECS/ NACH/) from your account, returned due to Insufficient Funds
INR 500 per instance
Return Handling Charges for Other bank cheques deposited in your account but could not be processed and hence returned (Local / Oustation)
INR 100 per cheque
Demand Draft payable at AU Small Finance Bank locations and at correspondent bank locations
DD Cancellation/ Revalidation
INR 100 per instance
Debit Card & Automated Teller Machine (ATM)  Usage
Card Type
Visa Business Platinum
Debit Card Annual Fees
Cross Currency Mark-up
ATM Transactions at AU Small Finance Bank ATM
ATM Transactions at other bank ATM
15 free transactions. Thereafter, INR 20 per financial transaction and INR 8 per non-financial transaction
ATM declines due to insufficient funds
Free at AU Small Finance Bank ATMs, INR 25 per instance at Other Bank ATM
ATM Transactions at other bank ATMs outside India
Financial  - INR 100 per instance ; Non-Financial  -  INR 25 per instance
ATM Pin Generation
Replacement of lost / stolen card
INR 150 per instance
Door-step Banking
Cash Pick-up/Delivery
On-Call Service:
5 free visit per month (upto INR 5 lacs per visit), thereafter -
Upto INR 2 Lacs - INR 750/-
INR 2 Lacs to less than INR 5 lacs - INR 1100/-
INR 5 Lacs to less than INR 10 lacs - INR 1800/-
Above 10 lacs - Contact Branch
Beat Service:
Upto INR 2 Lacs - INR 2000/- per month
INR 2 Lacs to less than 5 lacs- INR 5000/- per month
INR 5 Lacs to less than INR 10 lacs - INR 14000/- per month
Above INR 10 lacs- Contact Branch

Note : Branch Cash deposit/withdrawal not considered. For Beyond City limit locations, actual charges will be charged.
Cheque Pick-up
Other Charges
AEPS Mini Statement
Post 5 free transaction, INR 3 per transaction
SMS Insta Alerts
Issuance of Monthly and Half Yearly Email Statement
Issuance of adhoc account statement from Branch
Issuance of Duplicate Passbook
Charge Slip Retrieval
Outstation Cheque Collection - Corresponding & other Bank locations
INR 50 charged towards delivery fees
Issuance of subsequent Cheque Book
Issuance of adhoc account statement (sent through courier)


  • The above-mentioned charges is effective 1st June, 2023 and is applicable until further modified
  • Core and Urban Branch categories basis location mapping as defined by the Bank
  • ^Branch cash deposit / withdrawal not considered
  • SMS Insta Alerts are sent for day end balance/transactions above a threshold / low balance
  • Charge will be applicable on quarterly basis for customers who have subscribed for SMS alert facility
  • Alerts that have been mandated by RBI as well as alerts which are deemed appropriate by the Bank, will be sent free of charge.
  • Other Free Services: Standing Instruction Maintenance, Dormancy. Activation, Card Hotlisting, Replacement of Damaged Cards, Duplicate Statements, Balance Enquiry, Account Closure, E-mail Alerts, Record retrieval, Banker's verification (Address / Signature / Photo)
  • Abbreviations / short-forms used: 'INR Indian Rupee, 'p.m.' per month, < less than, > greater than, 'min' minimum, 'max' - maximum, 'ATM' Automatic Teller Machine, 'RTGS' Real Time Gross Settlement, 'NEFT' National Electronic Fund Transfer, 'PAP' Payable at Par, 'DD' Demand Draft, 'ECS' Electronic Clearing System, 'SMS' - Short Message Service, 'NACH' National Automated Clearing House
  • Accounts  not having a 'customer induced transaction' (ATM withdrawal, cheque deposit, online transactions, etc.) for a continued period of 2 years shall be treated as Dormant / Inoperative a/c.
  • The service charges levied by the bank or interest credited by the bank shall not be considered as a 'customer-induced transaction'
  • Doorstep Banking service is available at selective location with sole discretion of AU Small Finance Bank
  • The above charges are subject to revision with a prior intimation of 30 days to all account holders. Closure of account due to revision of charges will not be subject to account closure charges
  • Charges mentioned are exclusive of GST. The applicable taxes / cesses are subject to change from time to time
  • The terms and conditions, as defined by AU Small Finance Bank, apply. Please refer for further details
  • Doorstep Banking service is available at select locations with sole discretion of AU Small Finance Bank. For beyond city limit services, the actual service charges will be applicable to customer on case to case basis.
  • "Free limit - For new accounts, cash deposit free limit basis AMB criteria will be applicable effective from M3 onwards. e.g. for accounts opened in January, cash deposit limit in April will be provided basis March AMB.

Eligibility criteria

All business enterprises (Private Limited and Public companies, Partnership Firms, Proprietorship firms, Cooperative societies, Hindu Undivided Families etc.) or Individual professionals are eligible for opening a Vishesh Current Account.

Documents required for AU Vishesh Current Account

You will need to furnish the following documents to open a Business Current Account with us:
  • Duly filled Account Opening Form
  • PAN Number of Entity (In Sole Proprietorships, same is required of Proprietor)
  • KYC documents of the entity as per customer type
  • Address proof in the name of the entity if different from entity proof
  • Official Valid Documents of Authorized Signatories & Beneficial Owners*
  • Beneficial Ownership* Declaration
  • Initial funding cheque as per account variant
  • Credit facility declaration
*Not applicable for Individual and Sole Proprietorships
For more details on product features and documentation, please contact your nearest branch or call us on toll-free number 1800 1200 1200.

How to apply for an AU Vishesh Current Account?

  • Visit a branch: With numerous touchpoints across India, you can visit your nearest branch to apply for an AU Vishesh Current Account in person.  
  • Call customer care: Call our customer care number 1800-1200-1200 to apply for an AU Vishesh Current Account, and a representative will get in touch to guide you with further steps. 
  • Relationship manager: Contact your Relationship Manager to make the application process easy and understandable.
  • Apply online: Apply for your AU Vishesh Current Account by filling in your details in the online form, and a representative will contact you to complete the process.

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Q1. What is a Business Current Account?

A Business Current Account is meant specifically for managing your company's funds to make payments to vendors, suppliers, employee salaries etc. It is designed for carrying out day to day business transactions easily.

Q2. Is a Current Account mandatory for business?

It is safer and more prudent to open a Current Account for your business, as you might need to conduct multiple transactions daily for your business. Additionally, it can help keep your business affairs separate from personal financial transactions. A Current Account also offers specific features that enable smooth, swift, and secure business operations.

Q3. Can I open a Vishesh Current Account for my business?

Yes, all business enterprises and individual professionals are eligible for opening Vishesh Current Account with us.

Q4. Is GST required for a Vishesh Current Account?

GST is not mandatory for opening a Vishesh Current Account. However, you need to provide KYC documents and documents related to your firm to set it up.

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