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Top Features of AU Small Finance Bank Locker

About AU Small Finance Bank Locker

    Jewellery, essential documents, or cash are valuable possessions that require tight security, which cannot be ensured at home. Bank Lockers can provide security to your valuables, whether you are home or not. Our Lockers provide you with a secure space for your assets so that you can be worry-free.

Features and Benefits

Features of AU locker

  • Spoiled for choice: Our Lockers are of convenient sizes like small, medium, or large and come in a wide range of shapes. These Lockers are available not just for individuals but also for companies and small businesses, clubs, and associations.
  • Nomination facility: You can assign a nominee for hassle-free release of valuables in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.
  • Availability: Wide availability of Lockers in various sizes and at multiple locations.

Benefits of an AU NRI Account

  • Low rentals: Enjoy Locker services at nominal rentals, basis Locker size, and the branch you have chosen.
  • Easy payment of rentals: Enjoy direct debit of your Locker rental from your account with us.
  • Minimal documentation: Gone are the days when you required several documents for the tiniest of jobs. You can now apply for a Locker with minimal documents.

Service Fees for AU Locker Account

As India's largest Small Finance Bank, we believe in complete transparency and provide you with a list of charges for the services offered. These include charges for your Debit Card, payment and collection services, transactions, and delivery fees. For more details, please refer to our Service Fee Reckoner.

Eligibility for AU Locker Account

With no hard-and-fast rule for eligibility, anyone can apply for a Bank Locker with us. There are a few eligibility criteria that you may need to fulfill:

  • Individuals, clubs, associations, limited companies, and trusts can apply for a Locker.
  • If you are already an account holder with us, no specific documents are required.

How to apply for the AU Locker Account?

We, India’s best Small Finance Bank, provide various options to apply for a Bank Locker, considering your convenience.

  • Branch visit: One way to apply for the Bank Locker is by visiting our nearest branch and applying offline with the form provided.
  • Visit our website: Another easy way to apply for a Bank Locker is to apply on our website. Our representative will contact you shortly about the process ahead.

Documents required for AU Small Finance Bank Locker

  • KYC documents: KYC or Know Your Customer is important to identify and verify the customer when opening an account/Locker.
  • Application form:  The customer needs to fill the application form provided by the bank to apply for the Bank Locker.

^Not applicable in some select locations. To know your branch timings, click here.



Q1. How can I apply for a Locker in AU Small Finance Bank?

You can contact the nearest AU branch, visit our website, or contact your Relationship Manager, who can help you open a Locker.

Q2. What are the charges for AU Small Finance Bank Locker?

Locker Size
Approximate rental in INR, excluding GST
800 – 2,000
1,400 – 2,800
1,800 – 4,000
2,400 – 6,000
Extra Large
4,000 – 10,000
*Terms and Conditions:
  1. Lockers of different sizes are available at our branches. The above locker rentals are indicative and may vary in accordance with the category of the branch. For more details, please visit/contact your branch
  2. Discount is applicable as per the product category offering
  3. Locker rent is charged annually and is payable in advance
  4. Allotment of locker is subject to availability and discretion of AU Small Finance Bank
  5. In the event of surrender of a locker before expiry of lease period, the proportionate amount of advance rent collected i.e. (Annual Rent /12 )* Remaining Months (excluding month of surrender) will be refunded to the customer

Q3. Are Bank Lockers insured?

Though the facility provided by the bank to safeguard your valuables is significant, the bank does not offer Bank Locker insurance to you. Your valuable belongings are more secure in banks than in your house since the fear of theft is greater at home.

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