AU Bank
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Our Culture

The biggest strength of AU Bank is the Resilience of the Team. The young team at AU is greatly inspired by the JUNOON of its Founder Mr. Sanjay Agarwal and that of the dynamic Leadership Team. They are constantly challenging the status quo and looking for ways and means to make a difference in the world of Banking; striving hard to making Banking look easy for all stakeholders.

The Culture of AU Bank can be best summarised as the vibrant colours of the Rainbow; and Bright as the Sun! We are proud of creating a spirit of enthusiasm, operational excellence and motivation amongst all our Employees; challenging to contribute beyond limits and creating fun and excitement at work. The energy amongst our various teams across functions is high and this in turn leads to an enhanced Josh to meet all Customer requirements.

Our Values

We at AU Bank see Culture as the sum of our shared values (the 6 pillars of AU Dharma), beliefs and established norms of behaviour.

The 6 Pillars of the AU Dharma constitutes the way work gets done at AU Bank. AU Dharma is an ideal, a standard and a guiding beacon for all AU Employees. It reinforces the beliefs and values shared by all AU Employees. All Employees are expected and encouraged to live these Dharma Principles in their daily work and interactions.

Our People

Ajay Khanna Bank Manager
Shreya Ghoshal Regional Head
Shankar Gupta Bank Executive
Ajay Khanna Bank Manager
Shreya ghoshal Regional Head
Shreya ghoshal Bank Executive