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Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy

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About Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy

    Driving may be a pleasant experience, it gives you independence and freedom of movement. However, one has to consider the safety factor equally well. With Tata AIG’s Auto Secure Private Car Package policy secure yourself and your car. We cover loss or damage to your car, liability to third parties and personal accident cover to the Owner/Driver. In addition, we offer 13 unique add-on covers that enhance the protection offered in the standard package policy. 
    Benefits to customer
    13 add-ons
    Multiple options to pick and choose from
    All round protection for your car as per your needs
    Loss of damage to the Vehicle insured
    Insured vehicle to be indemnified upon claim
    Vehicle and accessories damage to be paid for due to standard fire and other perils as listed
    Third party liability
    Legal liability to be indemnified
    Legal liability expenses in the event of an accident resulting in bodily injury, death and damage to property of the third party.

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Benefits of Auto Secure Package policy:

  • Loss of damage to the Insured vehicle - We will indemnify against: (i) fire, explosion self-ignition or lightning; (ii) burglary, housebreaking or theft; (iii) riot and strike; (iv) earthquake; (v) flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost; (vi) accidental external means; (vii) malicious act; (viii) terrorist activity; (ix) while in transit by road rail inland - waterway lift elevator or air; (x) landslide, rockslide.
  • Liability to third parties - We will indemnify against legal liabilities for: a) death of or bodily injury to any person including occupants carried in the vehicle; b) damage to property of the third party.
  • Personal accident cover for owner-driver – We will compensate for bodily injury / death sustained by the owner-driver of the vehicle up to Rs. 2 lakhs.
  • Depreciation reimbursement - We will pay you the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of parts replaced under own damage claim twice in a term.
  • Return to invoice - We will pay the financial shortfall between the amount you receive under the policy and the purchase price of the vehicle upon lost or stolen vehicle/total loss.
  • Daily allowance - We offer to pay a fixed sum towards hired transport which you may need to take while your vehicle is under repair for a valid claim and repair time is more than 3 days.
  • Emergency transport & hotel expenses - If the insured vehicle is immobilized after an accident, we offer to pay for the cost of overnight stay and taxi charges for returning to the place of residence or the nearest city you were travelling to.
  • Road Side Assistance - We offer this service to take care of your vehicle and your worries in an unfortunate event of your vehicle meeting with an accident or breakdown.
  • Courtesy / Hire Car - If the estimated time taken to repair your car is more than 24 hrs or it is a claim for total loss/theft of entire vehicle, then with courtesy/hire car, you will not have to worry about your daily commute.

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