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Future Generali Bima Advantage Plus is a unit linked endowment plan that not only helps you build wealth, but also offers you the added advantage of protection. It also offers a wide choice of investment funds to match your risk appetite and a host of other flexible options for your unique needs.
Future Generali Big Dreams Plan is a comprehensive unit linked insurance plan that lets you create wealth while enjoying the benefits of an insurance plan at the same time.
It’s a unit linked insurance plan that helps you fulfil all your future life goals by offering potentially high returns and also protects your money against market volatility. This plan also provides financial security to your loved ones in your absence with a life cover.
This is a savings and protection oriented Unit Linked Life Insurance Product. It enables you to save for your family’s financial goals like the best education for your child, buying a new house or peaceful retirement. It also gives you protection of a life cover to secure your family’s future even when you are not around.
Future Generali Wealth Protect Plan an individual, unit linked, non-participating (without profits) life insurance plan that offers not only protection, but also an opportunity to create the wealth you desire. This plan gives you the freedom to decide how much wealth you want to create for yourself and your family and also the flexibility to decide where you want to invest your money at any point in time.