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ICICI Pru Heart & Cancer Protect

Get paid on diagnosis of minor
& major conditions

ICICI Pru Heart & Cancer

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About ICICI Pru Heart & Cancer Protect

    A smart investor is prepared for any unforeseen situation. Lifestyle diseases such as heart attack and cancer have become very common in India, thanks to medical science people can fight these diseases. However, the cost of treatment can drain off one’s savings completely. With this plan you can get lump sum payout on detection of disease (without any medical bills) so that you can get best treatment without any compromise.


  • Get a cash payout based on the severity of the condition, without any medical bills
  • Waiver of all future premiums on diagnoses of minor/major heart/cancer conditions and also on permanent disability due to accident
  • Receive 25% of the sum assured on diagnosis of any of the listed minor conditions
  • Enjoy 5% loyalty discount on first year premium for all existing ICICI Prudential Life Insurance customers
  • Get 5% discount on first year premium for purchase made for both self and spouse
  • Increase cover by 10% for every no claim policy year with increasing cover benefit option
  • Additional 1% sum assured as income for 5 years with income benefit option on diagnoses of major conditions
  • Tax benefits on premiums paid and benefits received as per the prevailing tax laws

How this plan works?

Rohan is a businessman aged 35 years. He wanted to safeguard himself against unforeseen medical expenses.

ICICI Pru Heart & Cancer Protect is best solution for his needs

Annual Premium: INR 6,716
Policy term: 15 years
Cancer cover: INR 40 lakhs
Heart cover: INR 20 lakhs

At the age of 40, he was diagnosed with early-stage cancer of liver and INR 10 lakh was paid through this plan. Thereafter, all his future premiums were waived off and his policy continued for remaining Cancer cover of INR 30 lakh (40 - 10 lakh) and his heart cover of INR 20 lakh

At age 47, Rohan suffered heart attack for which he received INR 20 lakh, and his heart cover ceased. The policy continued for his remaining Cancer cover of INR 30 lakh for the rest of the policy term.



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