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Medicare Protect

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About Medicare Protect

    Tata AIG Medicare is a simplified and comprehensive Health Insurance plan. The product is designed keeping in mind the important role that your health insurance plays considering the cost of medical emergencies

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  • Day Care Procedures: Covers expenses for 540+ Day Care Treatment due to disease/illness/injury during the policy period taken at a hospital or a Day Care Centre.
  •  Restore Benefit: It automatically restores your sum insured to 100% for you and your family members.
  •  Cumulative Bonus: 10% increase in cumulative bonus for every claim free year, upto a maximum of 100% provided policy is renewed with us without a break. In the case a claim is made during the policy year, the cumulative bonus would reduce by 10% in the following year
  •  Consumables Benefit: Covers expenses incurred, for consumables which are consumed during the period of hospitalization directly related to the insured person's medical or surgical treatment of illness/ disease/injury.
  •  In-Patient Treatment: Covers expenses for hospitalization due to disease/illness/Injury during the policy period that requires an Insured Person’s admission in a hospital as an inpatient. Medical expenses directly related to the hospitalization would be payable.
  •  Organ Donor: Covers Medical and surgical Expenses of the organ donor  for harvesting the organ where an Insured Person is the recipient.
  •  Ambulance Cover: Covers expenses, upto Rs 1,000 per hospitalization, on transportation of Insured Person in an ambulance to a Hospital for admission in case of an Emergency or from one hospital to another for better treatment
  •  Domiciliary Treatment: Covers for expenses related to Domiciliary Hospitalization of the insured person if the treatment exceeds beyond three days. The treatment must be for management of an illness and not for enteral feedings or end of life care.
  •  Compassionate Travel: Covers expenses upto Rs. 20,000 related to a round trip economy class air ticket, or first-class railway ticket, to allow the Immediate Family Member to be at insured person's bedside during his stay in the hospital.
  •  Accidental Death Benefits (optional cover): Covers 100% of sum insured in the event of death of insured person due to accident. This benefit is not applicable for dependent children covered in the policy.
  •  Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses: Medical Expenses incurred in 30 days before the date of admission to the hospital.
  •  Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses: Medical Expenses incurred in 60 days after the date of discharge from the hospital.
  •  AYUSH benefit: Medical Expenses incurred for In-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy.
  •  Health Checkup: Expenses for a Preventive Health Check-up up to 1% of policy sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- per policy.


  • Tax Benefit: The premium amount paid under this policy qualifies for deduction under 80D of Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 1986.
  •  Settlement of your claims: We settle your claims hassle-free and quickly so that you can focus on quality and timely recovery rather than managing the funding of the treatment
  •  Network of hospitals: We are equipped to offer you quality health care in your city with our strong network of hospitals across India.
  •  Lifelong renewal: We offer you a lifelong renewal for your policy provided premium is paid without any break Your premiums will be basis the age and coverage.

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