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  • What Is travel Insurance?

    • A travel insurance plan offers coverage against all possible travel and medical emergencies while travelling within India or abroad.
    • A travel insurance plan can be procured from any general insurance company in India and can be customized according to the destination and the type of trip to be undertaken.
    • Travel insurance plans also carry varying cover for medical expenses, as per the country to where the travel is being done.
  • Why do you need Travel Insurance?

    • Travel Insurance can be a lifesaver when dealing with problems while you travel
    • Unforeseen medical emergencies while travelling abroad – This is more common – each year millions of tourists suffer accidents or fall ill when abroad
    • Peace of Mind – you have a reliable back up plan if something goes marginally & terribly wrong through your trip
    • Insurance against lost & personalized belongings – loss of your mobile phone luggage wallet, important identity & travel documents can spell loads of problems when travelling abroad
    • Insurance against Lost Baggage – airlines can loose the baggage. If you find your self at the short end of this deal then ongoing trip might get ruined
    • Delay or cancellation of flights – when you’re your long awaited flight gets delayed the cost accumulated in waiting out the delay are sorted.
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