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TATA AIG Home Insurance

You worked harder, longer and saved every penny to give yourself and your loved ones the security of a home. A home that they could call their own. It’s only understandable that you should want to secure your most important asset from any possible kind of natural or man-made catastrophe. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited realizes the need and has designed a variety of home insurance products that cater to everyone’s home insurance needs.
TATA AIG offers two types of Home Insurance:
  1. India Fire Policy
    1. HomeSecure SFSP Policy
    2. India Fire Step up long term policy
  2. Home Secure Supreme
TATA AIG India Fire Policy provides coverage against fire and some special perils.
Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited’s HomeSecure Householder’s policy is a flexible home insurance plan which can be customized for Individual needs. The plan offers you 15 comprehensive coverage options to choose from.