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  • I have a small business of transporting cloth. Before I came to Au Financiers in 2004, I used to work as a labour & driver with a local transporter in Jaipur. There my earnings were hardly 2500-3000 rupees per month. Then one day I came across to a canopy marketing & sales promotion stall of AU in the nearby area of my residence. Where I was informed of finance products of the Company and the policies of the company were such that, they were ready to grant me loan for purchasing my own loading vehicle despite I did not have any proper documentation. I purchased a Mahinda Minidor financed by AU by which I started my own business. I must say, my loan application was processed very quickly and without any aggravation. Since then I’ve purchased 1 new Bolero Pick-up, 1 Tata Ace financed by AU and have availed 1 refinance loan from the Company. My life has completed changed from a labourer to having my own business, I have also purchased a plot of land for building my house. Since, my experience with AU has been so obliging, I recommend AU to my acquaintances and the most of them have also been benefited by the Company. It gives me a sense of pride being a customer and supported by AU.

    - Satish Pal Singh