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Financial Inclusion

Journey towards Financial Inclusion

The vision of Financial and Digital Inclusion Strategic Business Unit is to build a society where every individual is financially included in a way that enhances livelihoods and drives sustainable development.

A nation is financially inclusive in true sense when every working adult has effective access to formal financial services. AU is the torchbearer of the inclusivity mission and actively builds solutions to combat financial exclusion through financial market development. To facilitate better decision making and effective money management, we empower people by imparting financial education. While we know the journey is long and challenging, we are committed to pioneering initiatives imperative to further the cause of financial inclusion.

In the words of Mr. Shaktikanta Das, “Financial inclusion promotes inclusive growth by way of making financial services including credit and other safety nets available to the bottom of the pyramid”. AU Bank is committed to help people navigate through the course of financial wellbeing. It has been over two and a half decades of championing inclusion and exploring multiple layers of what it could mean by extending innovative financial products and services to the unreached.


3 pillars of Financial Inclusion


The foundation of AU Bank was laid to provide access to financial services and build an inclusive banking ecosystem for all. Our special focus on Unbanked Rural Centers (URC) and Special Focus Districts (SFD) allows us to serve the underserved population that has long been excluded from the formal financial system. Our comprehensive Banking Outlet (BO) channel enables a strong presence in the rural markets and streamlines last-mile intervention as custodians of financial inclusion.


The demonstration of effective access is usage. With over two and a half decades of serving the underserved, it is our principal responsibility to make the usage of financial services easier for the masses. We transcended the conventional obstacles like lack of formal identification documents, high transaction costs, and unavailability of relevant products, through the Jan Dhan Bouquet comprising of savings account (BSBDA Account), micro-insurance (PMJJBY and PMSBY) and micro-pension services (APY). We continue to be the catalyst in the income generation of sectors under the Priority Sector, including agriculture, education, housing, and food for the unserved population.


Financial stability, financial integrity and financial consumer protection lie at the core of our financial inclusion agenda. Our focus on conducting good quality financial literacy programs acts as an impetus to real-time financial awareness and prevents the underserved population from financial distress, debt, and poverty. We will continue to disseminate financial information responsibly as we firmly believe that financial literacy is an unparalleled enabler of financial inclusion.

Therefore, Financial Inclusion is furthering AU Bank’s purpose of empowering India financially, socially, and digitally.

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