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Frequently Asked Questions on AU Small Finance Bank NETC FASTag


1. What are the mandatory documents required to be submitted to apply for FASTag?

A. Full KYC FASTag issued at AU Small Finance Bank Branches

  • a. Signed FASTag application form along with Passport size photograph of the applicant

  • b. Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle

  • c. Valid driving license of the applicant (not applicable for Full KYC AU Small Finance Bank savings or current account holder)

  • d. KYC document of driver (in case of Corporate application)

  • e. Board Resolution Approval Letter (in case of Corporate application)

B. Minimum KYC FASTag issued at Toll Plazas / at Branches/ Online

  • a. Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle

  • b. PAN Card of the applicant

  • c. Valid driving license of the applicant (only DL number & DL validity date to be mentioned)

  • d. Signed FASTag application form with Passport size photograph of the applicant (if purchasing from a branch)


2. What are the benefits of using FASTag?

A. No Need to stop at the toll plaza for toll payment

B. No need to carry cash & look for exact change for the toll payment.

C. Saves traveling time

D. Save Fuel as no need to wait at the plaza for payment

E. Easily Link to your bank account.

F. Online Recharge – Tag can be recharged online through Credit Card / Debit Card / UPI / NEFT or Net banking.

G. SMS alerts for toll transactions, Account Balance and Transaction statement, etc.


3. Which all Toll Plaza are ready for FASTag?

Around 720+ toll plazas are live on FASTag now. List of toll plaza is available on IHMCL or NHAI website. You can also check for the list here.


4. What if there is a double deduction of toll charges?

Kindly contact our customer service desk at 1800 258 7300 to report the double deduction issue. We shall review the complaint and based on its merit, raise a chargeback for the duplicate transaction.


5. How I can replace my FASTag?

Reach out to us at 1800 258 7300 or visit your nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch


6. What do I do if there is an incorrect deduction of toll charges?

Kindly contact our customer service desk at 1800 258 7300 to report the incorrect deduction issue. We shall review your complaint and based on its merit, raise a chargeback for the excess amount deducted.

MoRTH / NHAI / IHMCL has also launched 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTag complaints at toll plaza level.

Customer can simply dial 1033 from Mobile/Landline for the following issues:

  • Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even though Tag is not blacklisted.
  • Plaza not accepting FASTag
  • Plaza not able to read the Tag
  • Plaza not supporting for monthly pass issuance
  • Any other applicable issue for FASTag

In case of non-resolution of grievances within seven days, customers may escalate their grievance to the Regional Nodal Officer(s) and thereafter to the Principal Nodal Officer after expiry of further seven days.

Click here to get the details of Principal Nodal Officer and Regional Nodal Officers.


7. What information will need to be provided to bank for resolving any dispute?

  • a. VRN (Vehicle Registration Number)
  • b. Toll Plaza Name
  • c. Plaza City
  • d. Date
  • e. Transaction Toll Slip for toll transaction dispute
  • f. Transaction ID / Screenshot for wallet reload related dispute

For multiple transaction failures, we would request you to kindly share the details separately for each transaction.


8. My FASTag delivery is delayed. What can I do?

If bought at a branch, FASTag will be handed over to you at the time of placing the request. In case of online application, FASTag will be sent to your registered address. In case you do not receive the tag, we request you to kindly contact the bank's customer service desk at 1800 258 7300 to raise a complaint regarding the delayed delivery of FASTag.


9. Is FASTag working on all State Highway tolls?

FASTag can be used in all toll plazas managed by National Highway Authority of India and for a few State Highways where it has been implemented. However, we request you to check the list of FASTag enabled plazas here.


10. What if I relocate to another city?

FASTag will work on all the enabled toll plazas across the country.


11. What if the FASTag gets damaged?

In case the FASTag gets damaged, please contact the bank for a replacement.


12. What if I sell/ transfer my car?

In case you have sold or transferred your vehicle, we would request you to inform bank about the same and close the FASTag account.


13. What is the validity of FASTag?

The validity of Full KYC FASTag is unlimited, and the validity of minimum KYC FASTag is 2 years. Minimum KYC FASTag can be reloaded only for 1 year from issue date. Customer is advised to visit a designated AU Small Finance Bank Branch and replace their minimum KYC tag with a Full KYC FASTag at zero cost.


14. Why are the toll rates different for different vehicle categories?

The categorization is primarily based on the size and load they carry and type of use (commercial/personnel) of a vehicle.


15. Is there any minimum or maximum value for FASTag recharge/top-up?

Yes, minimum value is defined in the FASTag Schedule of Charges as per vehicle type. The maximum value of recharge will be Rs. 10,000 for minimum KYC FASTag and Rs. 200,000 for Full KYC FASTag.


16. What if my FASTag is not working at the toll plaza?

In case FASTag is not accepted at an eligible toll plaza, please call on the 1033 toll-free number and register the complaint about the same. 1033 call center is set up by NHAI (Govt. of India) for all road assistance to the highway user which includes FASTag as well.


17. How will I come to know my account is debited for toll transactions?

Once the toll amount is deducted, you will receive an SMS confirming the amount that has debited from your FASTag wallet.


18. I have two vehicles. Can I use one FASTag for two vehicles?

You can use only one tag for one vehicle. Once Tag is affixed on the windshield of the vehicle, it cannot be removed as it will get damaged and will not work for future payments.


19. Do I need to use any specific lane at the toll plaza for FASTag?

Yes, you have to use the lanes demarcated only for FASTag users. Only FASTag marked lanes have the required RFID infrastructure installed to detect FASTag. In case you enter a cash lane, the FASTag will not be detected and toll needs to be paid in cash.


20. What do I have to do if I have lost/ damaged my RFID Tag? What will happen to the account balance?

Please report the damage or loss of tag/vehicle to us immediately by calling 1800 258 7300 or visiting the nearest bank branch and request to blacklist the tag so no further transaction is allowed on the FASTag. Balance amount in FASTag account will be blocked. You can apply for new FASTag and get the balance amount transferred to the new FASTag account or withdraw the balance amount by submitting a request.


21. What is the meaning of tag blacklisted? What can be done to avoid the Blacklist of tag?

A blacklist of tag means the vehicle is not allowed to pay through FASTag at the toll plaza. There could be various reasons for blacklisting of Tag, i.e. insufficient funds in FASTag account. To avoid Blacklisting of tag, please recharge the tag when alerted of low balance. Also, FASTag can be blacklisted by the law enforcement agencies due to any rule violation complaint register against the vehicle.


22. I was forced to pay by cash at the toll plaza, though I am having sufficient balance in FASTag?

In case Toll Plaza employees are forcing you to pay by cash, even though there is sufficient balance in your FASTag wallet, please call on the toll-free number 1033 and register the complaint for the same. 1033 call center is set up by NHAI (Govt. of India) for all road assistance to the highway user which includes FASTag as well.


23. I had applied for FASTag, received FASTag after 2-3 days. FASTag is still not activated.

Kindly reach us at 1800 258 7300 or write to us at [email protected].


24. Whether my existing RFID or any other RFID tag is accepted at all toll plaza or only FASTag is accepted where RFID system is enabled?

No, any RFID Tag will not be acceptable at the National Highway toll plaza. Only FASTag will be accepted on National Highway toll plazas.


25. I do not have enough amount in FASTag account to pass the toll plaza. Can I pass the toll Plaza in this scenario?

You will be allowed to pass through the 1st Toll plaza of your journey but later for the next toll plaza tag status will be shown under low balance. Hence either you will have to recharge the FASTag account or pay in cash while passing the Toll Plaza.


26. How return journey is calculated through FASTag?

Return journey toll fares are calculated by the central NETC system.


27. What if I have recharged the FASTag but Money is not credited in my FASTag Account?

Kindly reach us at 1800 258 7300 or write to us at [email protected].


28. Why is there a 'security deposit'?

Security Deposit is taken by Bank against the tag issued. In case there is a default in payments, banks can adjust the dues from Security deposit.


29. I am not able to find my car in Vehicle class.

If you cannot find your vehicle type in the given categories, kindly reach us at 1800 258 7300


30. How does one ensure that the tag has a minimum balance?

a. You receive SMS notifications for each FASTag transaction

b. You can log on to customer portal to check your account balance

c. You call the bank contact center to know your balance.


31. Can I buy FASTag online?

Yes. You can only apply for and buy a VC4 Tag (for Car/Jeep/Van) online. Visit the nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch to apply for any other tag category.


32. How do I check my AU Small Finance Bank FASTag balance?

Check your FASTag balance by giving a missed call to 9594-688-881 from your registered mobile number.


33. What If customer need to close the tag account with Bank?

In case you need to close your FASTag account, you may

 Login to your FASTag customer portal (
a. Click on “Account Closure” option on the “Menu” tab
b. Click on “Close Account” option.
c. Enter details on the “View Details” page, validate with an OTP and submit

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