Customer delight

Turning buzzwords
into reality

‘Customer focus’ is a part of the AU Dharma, defining our purpose of existence and we are making our way forward with customers at the core. What differentiates us is that our relationship with our customers begins, and not ends, by providing a product/solution.

Our focused approach to ensuring customer delight is driven by the following elements:

Attitude: We are building a bank for India and Bharat, where we cater to people from Tier-I metropolitan cities to Tier-VI Unbanked Rural areas. While catering to such broad range of customers, we believe that ‘attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’ and we are putting this belief in action.

Knowledge: Knowledge of our customer-facing executives is a key factor in building confidence of our customers in AU. We work towards enhancing the capabilities of our teams through various programmes, enabling them to help our customers effectively through their banking journey with us.

Execution: We are an executionoriented organisation. A huge quantum of our efforts is directed towards ensuring faster and convenient delivery of banking products and services, wherein technology and analytics are playing an increasingly greater part.

Communication: Communication is the pillar that sustains any relationship, and it is the same for our bond with customers. We communicate with them regularly to understand their requirements and have undertaken special initiatives for the purpose.

Feedback: No communication is complete without feedback, and we regularly engage with our customers to take their inputs to better our service levels.

Customer survey is a means to make customers’ voices heard. It enables us to measure satisfaction, better understand the market and gauge expectations. We don’t just listen, but act and close the loop with a resolution that leaves a smile on the customer’s face. We capture customer feedback through different channels such as phone calls, SMS and QR Codes.

Deepening connections
We are strengthening the culture of superior customer service through the following:

Elevating quality of people

  • Hired service professionals with customer service experience from different industries
  • Ensured orientation programmes to train and re-train the customer servicing teams

Driving engagement

  • Dedicated customer delight team to execute related activities and monitor customer experience
  • Constantly explain and promote customer delight activities
  • Monitored metrics of customer experience such as NPS, CSAT and CES

We also have various programmes and initiatives to enhance customer experience, including:

  • 24X7 toll-free customer care
  • Extended working hours in branches
  • Paperless banking
  • Anywhere Banking, which emphasises ‘no home branch concept’
  • Dedicated Customer Delight Team
  • Special Customer Service Desk in Asset Centres to extend servicing support to asset customers


We leave no room for complacency to set in and strive to make continuous improvements.

  • Opened more channels for customer feedback
  • Strengthened responsibilities by empowering employees
  • Maintained rich learning environment for service team
  • Leveraged multi-channel servicing such as self-service modes (mobile banking, net banking, website, IVR) and in-person modes (24x7 Toll-Free Customer Care, Branch Banking Retail Outlets, including BC/BO)
  • Used Customer Relationship Management platform at all levels to reduce manual interventions and timely resolutions