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Our Story

At AU Small Finance Bank, we finance to help people achieve their dream for a better livelihood. Our CSR framework is also based on same philosophy with an aim to enhance the livelihood opportunities of people. A firm believer in the fact that every individual deserves equal opportunities irrespective of their socio-economic background, we are dedicated to empowering people by making them realize their true potential and helping them to be self-reliant.
We make our CSR initiatives sustainable & long term in nature with aim to uplift and empower the respective target group.
To further expand and strengthen the plethora of our CSR initiatives, we established AU Foundation as an independent non-profit organization and the corporate social responsibility arm of the bank.


CSR is not just compliance for us; it is the way we do our business. It is an integral part of our core dharma of sustainability.

To have lasting sustainable impact through our CSR we incorporated AU Foundation.

AU Foundation is born to illuminate the path, handhold and guide those who need it the most. We believe that everybody has the right to live with dignity and earn their livelihood respectfully. When anyone feels helpless, they only need someone to provide support and lead them in the right direction. We, at AU Foundation, are committed to empowering people.

We are driving sustainable approach to problem solving and contributing in crisis’s transformation. We also stand for positive social-economic and environmental adaptation of our society and striving for the development of humanity by empowering humanity and its inclusive growth.

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal







At the heart of our Bank lies a profound commitment to social transformation. Guided by the vision of creating impactful change in society and a profound commitment to social equity, AU Foundation strives to enhance livelihood by empowering and enabling individuals to unlock their potential, nurture their skills, and lead a resourceful & self-sustained life.

We firmly believe that every individual has immense potential, waiting to be unleashed if provided with the right skillset and opportunities. We are dedicated to bringing forward those who were behind the doors of opportunity, regardless of their age or background. Going beyond traditions, we are breaking barriers by endeavoring to create an equitable society even beyond the intangible boundaries of gender. Hence, our initiatives are meticulously crafted to promote inclusivity, address challenges, and create a forever impact. Needs are identified extensively and addressed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we cater to the unique requirements of each individual.

Our initiatives span across our flagship program on skill development, and strategic projects on sports, women's entrepreneurship, along with other need-based initiatives, and they have been thoughtfully designed to contribute to the betterment of both individuals and society. We are focused towards initiatives to create a better tomorrow for everyone, reaching out to those who might be considered unreachable by others.

Through our strategically focused endeavors, we are unwaveringly committed to uplifting marginalized and underserved communities, guiding their transformation, and fostering their growth.

Mr. Saurabh Tambi
Executive Vice President


  1. We aim to collaborate with different stakeholders like government, private entities, CSR foundations, NGOs, or any other entities for the betterment of society and not just be funding partners in the process.
  2. We wish to create long-lasting and sustainable social programs for constant widening of the scope of our CSR initiatives.
  3. We are of the belief that the first principle theory should be used to solve social problems.
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CSR Projects approved by the Board of Directors


We at AU Foundation, identified our core focus areas after assessing various fields related to social development sector and sustainable development goals set in 2015 by United Nations General Assembly which together comprises Health & Sanitation, Education, Skill Development, Financial & Digital Literacy, Women Empowerment, Rural Development, Sports, Environment & Sustainability and so on.

At outset, key objectives were recognized for the assessment and basis that we work to check the effectiveness of programs through our detailed framework which includes crossing various stages such as - How best we can do to excel? - How is it impacting social development? - Will this sector touch lives and add to the growth? - Will there be any impact on business? - Is this sector getting neglected? - What will be the loss, if we don’t intervene? - How to communicate to get impact on social media? Working carefully and ethically, we will continue to embed the evaluation process for sustainable projects.