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Job Vacancies at AU Small Finance Bank

Looking for a career in banking? If you aspire to start your career in the banking sector, we would love to hear from you. Explore the current job vacancies at AU Small Finance Bank by clicking here or email your resume directly to [email protected] 

Our business philosophy is based on the 7 Pillars of AU Dharma –

  • Customer Focus
  • Work Hard & Look for Details
  • Responsibly Entrepreneurial
  • Nurture Talent & Succeed Together
  • Integrity
  • Bias for Action
  • Communicate

AU Small Finance Bank offers its employees a wealth of opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally, engaging with them throughout their professional journeys with us. Come join a young and enthusiastic team in banking.

Our Culture

The biggest strength of AU Small Finance Bank is the Resilience of the Team. The young team at AU is greatly inspired by the JUNOON of its Founder Mr. Sanjay Agarwal and that of the dynamic Leadership Team. They are constantly challenging the status quo and looking for ways and means to make a difference in the world of Banking; striving hard to making Banking look easy for all stakeholders.

The Culture of AU Small Finance Bank can be best summarised as the vibrant colours of the Rainbow; and Bright as the Sun! We are proud of creating a spirit of enthusiasm, operational excellence and motivation amongst all our Employees; challenging to contribute beyond limits and creating fun and excitement at work. The energy amongst our various teams across functions is high and this in turn leads to an enhanced Josh to meet all Customer requirements.

Wealth of Opportunities

At AU Small Finance Bank, we are committed to empowering our people to act quickly, giving each Employee opportunities for continuous learning, build strong relationships and do even the ordinary things extraordinarily, every day.
The hard work and ideas of every Employee goes a long way in realizing the dreams and aspirations of everyone who is connected with us at AU Small Finance Bank; be it by bringing prosperity to the unbanked or touching the lives in the communities in which we operate. We believe that we are not just doing a job but
the nation; because we believe that there is no greater joy than creating Wealth of Opportunities for everyone.

3 supporting pillars

There are 3 supporting pillars for the above People Philosophy viz. Build, Connect & Re-Imagine.
Build: We believe that every individual has a unique potential and we offer our people a chance to learn and grow every day. We are a dynamic and growing Bank and our Employees will grow with us.
Connect: Over the past more than 2 decades, we have been doing extra ordinary things and we continue to be like that. Our belief that the power of collaboration and relationships is imperative, and this has helped deliver excellent Business outcomes. We connect with our people and foster enduring relationships to help them create value not only for the Bank, but also for the country, society and themselves.
Reimagine: We have been challenging the status-quo and creating prosperity for all since inception. The way we go about doing our Business is not only about Business growth, but reimagining possibilities for our Customers, Employees, Partners & Investors and making an impact.
AU Small Finance Bank offers its Employees a wealth of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally while engaging with them consistently.

Our Values

We at AU Small Finance Bank see Culture as the sum of our shared values (the 7 pillars of AU Dharma), beliefs and established norms of behaviour.

The 7 Pillars of the AU Dharma constitutes the way work gets done at AU Small Finance Bank. AU Dharma is an ideal, a standard and a guiding beacon for all AU Employees. It reinforces the beliefs and values shared by all AU Employees. All Employees are expected and encouraged to live these Dharma Principles in their daily work and interactions.

Why AU?

Our Employees and associates are very valuable and are our biggest strength. Each day we strive hard to build and enable an environment where everyone is motivated to take up new challenges, grow with us and most importantly, learn from mistakes.

Our strong lineage and the depth of our Leadership Team provides an enabling environment wherein team members are groomed to take on exciting challenges and higher responsibilities. As a strong Brand, AU Small Finance Bank truly believes in teamwork, mutual respect, participative work environment, collective learning and passion.

We strongly believe that “how the work gets done is as important as getting the work done”; and in rewarding long term commitment, sincerity and dedication of our Employees. We are at the cusp of Retail Banking growth in a big way and are placed in a sweet spot. Our Leadership believes that every job at AU is a portrait of the person who does it; we strive hard to autograph our work with Excellence!!