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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the AU Bank Credit Card Device Protection Plan?

2. What are plans that are offered under the Device Protection Plan?

3. What are the conditions for qualifying for the device protection plan?

4. What is the process to avail the complimentary device protection plan?

5. What devices are covered under the device protection plan?

6. How many devices can I register for the device protection plan?

7. Where can I see the detailed Terms and Conditions for the Device Protection Plan?

8. Will I get a refund if I cancel my plan or my plan is cancelled by the partner?

9. When can my registration be rejected?

10. How does the OneAssist Screen Protect Program work?

11. Which Mobile phones are eligible for OneAssist Screen Protection?

12. What is the Duration of the OneAssist Screen Protection Plan?

13. How many times I can claim for Repair with OneAssist Screen Protection Plan?

14. Can I get my device repaired by my own engineer?

15. What is the deduction associated with OneAssist Screen Protection?

16. What is OneAssist Extended warranty Program?

17. What are the benefits of an Extended Warranty Plan?

18. When does the OneAssist Extended Warranty plan start?

19. Is Accidental or Liquid damage covered in the plan?

20. How do I claim the OneAssist Extended Warranty plan?

21. Can I raise a claim through OneAssist Extended Warranty when the product is under manufacturer’s warranty?

22. What products and brands qualify for Extended Warranty Plan?

23. What would I need to activate my plan to avail service?

24. What are the benefits of uploading my purchase invoice?

25. Where would my product be repaired?