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Employee Salary Solutions

Disbursing salaries is now hassle-free

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About Employee Salary Solutions

    Disbursing salaries to your employees is now a hassle-free process, thanks to AU Bank. We, at AU Bank, ensure easy salary payment options for prompt transfers to employee accounts. Below are the two ways you can disburse salaries to your employees:

    Through Online Mode (Corporate Net Banking):

    • You can transfer funds using NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)/ RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) to other bank beneficiaries
    • If you have AU Bank’s beneficiary account, internal funds transfer option is available for you
    • You also have the option to make single and bulk transactions
    • Bulk file (excel file) upload facility is available to make funds transfers to multiple beneficiaries without adding beneficiary
    • Each bulk transfer file can have a maximum of 4000 records
    • No cooling period is required post beneficiary addition, which means you can add a beneficiary and start transacting, instantly

    Through Offline Mode (Physical Instruction):

    • You have the option to submit salary transfer instructions to AU Bank branch
    • We ensure immediate execution of salary instructions at AU Bank branches
    • NEFT/RTGS based salary transfers are carried out through branches

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  • Bulk Transfers: Upload and disburse salaries using bulk payment option
  • Multiple Options: Pick the online or offline mode of salary disbursal as per your convenience


  • Helps you disburse salaries online
  • Provides hassle-free transfers without cooling period after adding beneficiaries

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