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Corporate NetBanking

Make hassle-free transactions from everywhere

Top Features of Corporate NetBanking

About Corporate NetBanking

    Running a business is a demanding job, so traditional banking is not the way to go for SMEs and large-scale entrepreneurs. Corporate NetBanking could be a powerful tool for such enterprises to execute banking transactions smoothly through desktops or laptops, using the internet.

    Our Corporate NetBanking provides a single window that reduces the burden of managing the account, making bulk payments, keeping track of past transactions, paying taxes and utility bills, etc. Additionally, you can access your bank account 24x7 and transact online smoothly from anywhere at any time.

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Features of Corporate NetBanking:

  • Convenient digital transactions: Perform your salary or vendor payment transactions from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Understanding of different needs: Get a maker-checker option and multi-level approval matrix as per your needs.

Benefits of Corporate NetBanking:

  • Simple money management: Make bulk payments simple without adding beneficiaries and book or close FDs as per your business requirements.
  • Cheque facility on demand: Request printed cheques from our branch or avail our cheque printing facility at your office through Corporate NetBanking.
  • Non-complicated procedure: Authorize transactions and make payments with ease.
  • Payments and collection services: Access a wide range of payment and collection services like Bulk payments, Cash Payouts, Employee Salary solutions, Cheque Printing, E-Tax payments, Virtual Account Management, Positive Pay, etc.

Who can use Corporate NetBanking?

  • The Corporate NetBanking facility can be availed by corporates, private companies, institutes, partnership firms and limited liability partnerships.
  • Any non-individuals like trusts and societies and sole proprietors can benefit from Corporate NetBanking.

How to apply for Corporate NetBanking?

To apply for Corporate NetBanking, you first need to have a Current Account with us. 
  • Register for Corporate NetBanking by providing a request form.
  • On successful registration, you will receive an email with a link for activation of ID and password, which will be active for 24 hours.
  • Once password setup is done successfully, you can log in to our Corporate NetBanking and use our services.
  • For any help on activation, please click here for a demo video which would guide you on step-by-step process for activation of Corporate Net Banking.

NEFT/RTGS Timings:

You can transfer funds 24x7 using NEFT or RTGS. NEFT and RTGS facilities are not available between 11.45 PM and 00.30 AM on all days.



Q1. What is Corporate NetBanking?

Corporate NetBanking is our robust online banking platform that helps our corporate customers perform banking transactions 24x7 from anywhere at any time.

Q2. What are the facilities offered on Corporate NetBanking?

  • A single view of all your AU Small Finance Bank accounts mapped to a single Customer ID
  • A single view of all accounts in the Group ID
  • IFT (Internal Fund Transfer)
  • Fund transfer using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS
  • Bulk upload file for IFT/NEFT/RTGS
  • Cash management services – cheque printing, collections MIS, internet-based cheque writing, virtual account management
  • Requests for Fixed Deposit booking
  • Schedule future payments and standing instructions
  • Cheque book and stop payment
  • 24x7 banking hours
  • Tax payments
  • Positive Pay

Q3. How to get a login for Corporate NetBanking?

You can transfer funds 24x7 using NEFT, RTGS, IMPS & Internal Fund Transfer

Q4. What are the Fund Transfer modes available with Corporate NetBanking?

Using Corporate NetBanking, you can transfer funds to AU Small Finance Bank and non-AU Small Finance Bank Accounts. You can transfer funds to a single beneficiary or up to 4000 beneficiaries using Bulk File Upload by IFT/NEFT/RTGS.

Q5. Do I have to use any specific format for Fund Transfer using the Bulk Upload Facility?

It is a bank defined standard file format. Customer can customize the file format as per need by raising the request with the bank.

Q6. What is the limit on the amount of funds that can be transferred through Corporate NetBanking?

Transaction limits are specified at user-level basis requests provided to the bank. If the limits are not specified in the form or left blank, the default daily limit will be INR 50 lakh.

Q7. What should be done when an error message appears in Corporate NetBanking?

If you are getting an error message due to technical issues, capture a screenshot and send an email to the customer care team at the registered email ID ([email protected]) or inform the branch.

Q8. What are the different types of access that can be provided for users?

Based on need, organizations can assign various user roles for viewing and transactions
  1. View access
  2. Maker access
  3. Self-Checker
  4. Maker & checker access
  5. Multiple checkers

Q9. How secure is Corporate NetBanking?

Our Corporate Internet Banking platform is designed with best-in-class security features to ensure safe transactions.
  • Firewalls and data encryption systems
  • Login ID, Password and OTP authentication for login and transactions
  • Auto logout if there is no activity for 10 minutes.

Q10. Can I get the H2H option with Corporate NetBanking?

Host 2 Host integration facility is available through Corporate NetBanking. We can provide bulk payment files upload option from your system.

Q11. I need more information about Corporate NetBanking. Where can I get it?

  • Phone: Call our customer care at 1800 1200 1200
  • Branch: Visit your nearest branch
  • Email: Write to us at [email protected]

Q12. Do I have to furnish any documents for Corporate NetBanking along with the request format?

For companies, Board Resolution is needed and for partnership firms, a letter in prescribed format is required. These documents need to have the type of access and transaction limits with details of users.

Q13. What should I do in case I have forgotten my password / it has expired?

If you do not remember your password or it has expired, you can reset the same yourself by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ option and provide answers to the security questions selected at the time of the first-time setup.

Q14. How can I change my transaction limits?

To change the transaction limits, you require a Corporate NetBanking modification form along with a Partnership letter/Board resolution as applicable.
If the revised limits are not mentioned or marked as 'unlimited', the default limit will be INR 50 lakh per day.

Q15. What are the timings for IMPS transactions through Corporate NetBanking?

IMPS will be available 24x7 on all days, including Sundays and holidays.

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