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Escrow Account

Utilize funds as required by the parties

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AU Bank Escrow Accounts

    AU Bank provides Escrow Current Account which has the best-in-class solution for one’s business needs. Customers have the option to choose a suitable mechanism. Funds can be utilised as per requirement of parties, and in turn provides a hassle-free and seamless transactional experience.

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  • Hassle-free: Escrow Current Account is hassle-free and helps in smooth transactions
  • Business-Friendly: Businesses should opt for Escrow Accounts as that helps transactions that can be customised to suit requirements of parties


  • Escrow services are offered to meet diverse requirements of clients as per specific business transaction needs
  • Provides safe and secured mode of routing transactions and cash flows
  • Transactions can be customised to suit the requirements of parties
  • Customize account to deal with different waterfall mechanism

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