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Virtual Account Collections

Collections & Receivables for Virtual Accounts

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Top Features of Virtual Accounts Collection

About Virtual Account Collections

    From chasing clients to running chaotically for receivables, cash collections can pose a variety of problems. However, with the ever-evolving digital landscape, you can now manage collections virtually with zero hassles.

    With our Virtual Account Collection services, you can get payer details and keep track of payment transfers to various electronic and paper accounts in a unified manner. We mask the original account numbers for optimum safety, and transactions are traceable via a unique virtual account number allocated to each fund party.

    Seamless fund management and MIS generation are now possible with our Virtual Account Collection services!

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Features & Benefits of Virtual Account Collection

  • Optimum safety: Thanks to the virtual account number in the core banking system, your real account number is protected.
  • Ease of reconciliation: Tally and reconcile information systematically with the availability of payer-wise information.

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