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Top Features of National Automated Clearing House

About NACH Collections

    In case of repetitive or periodic collections, it becomes cumbersome to remember due dates and follow up with clients for payments. The process is mundane at best and you can easily replace it with an automated web-based solution.

    With NACH (National Automated Clearing House) services for fee/EMI collection, individuals and organizations can ensure a smooth collection of recurring amounts such as EMI collections on loans, donations for NGOs, Fee collection for education institutes or receivables for businesses.

    Our NACH solution ensures timely collections and easy tracking of unpaid transactions in a digital environment.

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Features & Benefits of NACH Collection

  • Simplified collection: Manage interbank, high-volume and electronic payments with National Automated Clearing House (NACH) collection services.
  • Better tracking: The unique mandate registration reference number allows users to keep track of payments received or in line with the NACH Association Rules.
  • Robust management: The centralized and automated NACH system dispenses with the need for issuing checks for receivables or remembering payment due dates. It also helps the payers avoid late payment charges.

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