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Cash Collection

Our branch network offers easy cash Collection

Top Features of Cash Collection

About Cash Collection

    We understand how important a smooth and efficient cash flow is to your business. By relying on our range of cash collection services and network of branches, you can improve cash transaction management. We also offer customized MIS solutions, enabling you to track and monitor your funds with ease.

Features and benefits of cash collection

  • Cash collection options: You can collect cash from various parties and deposit lump-sum amounts at any of our branches. Or you can use our cash collection service, where customers can deposit cash directly into your account.
  • Instant recording: Our system immediately records funds deposited in your account with the name of the respective payer. If required, we can also validate payers against your database before accepting payments. 
  • Instant availability of funds: You don’t have to wait for days for settlement after using the cash collection service! The funds are made available in your account almost instantly. 
  • Reporting: You can review the inflow of cash into your business using our system-generated MIS reports that are customized for your business needs.

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