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Collection / Receivable Solutions

Collection / Receivable Solutions
AU Bank’s growing branch network enable collection of receivables in cash at AU Bank’s branches and provide customized MIS and solutions as per your business requirement
AU Bank online payment solutions provides a flexible & scalable platform to businesses for accepting payments towards online selling of products/services anytime & anywhere.
With Our branch network and our correspondent bank’s network we offer customized services for cheque collection at CTS centers as well as other locations across geographies.
Acceptance of all Domestic & International Debit, Credit and Pre-Paid Cards
Virtual Account Number is a unique account number that helps in identification of funds received from different parties
you can collect fees by selling application forms, enrollment fees, monthly and quarterly tuition fee and transport fees.
AU Bank’s NACH solution you can get your collection on time, with ease and get reports of processed and unpaid transactions at your fingertips!
You no longer need to worry about rushing to the bank to make it in the nick of time.
It will help you increase the time you give to your business, reduce the time you spend at the bank and the risk of carrying cash to the bank