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Tractor Loan for Farmers

Tractor Finance
Facility Type
Term Loan
Borrower Profiles
All Farmers and Agriculturists owning, cultivating agricultural lands or involved in Agriculture-Allied Activities
Purpose / End Use of Loan
Funding Tractor. Tractor helps farmer to do farm work effectively and efficiently for several activities like land leveling, pond digging, loading-unloading soil for land development, ploughing, farming & cultivation with seed drills, cultivator and transportation of Agri produce etc.
Upto 72 months
Minimum Age / Maximum Age
21 years and 60 years respectively at the time of application.                                                                                     
Primary Security / Collateral
Hypothecation on the asset funded or as per the extant Policy Norms of the Product.                                              
Repayment Mode
Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly
As per RBI KYC norms
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