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Four Wheeler Loan for Farmers and Agriculturists

Financing Facility to Farmers and Agriculturists for purchase of Four Wheelers including rural transport vehicles, station wagons, delivery vehicles, jeeps, utility vehicles used for multiple purposes in overall farm management activities.
Facility Type
Term Loan
Borrower Profiles
All Farmers and Agriculturists owning and cultivating agricultural lands or involved in Agriculture-Allied Activities
Purpose / End-Use
Vehicle to be utilized for farm activities including :
  • Effective management of farm/agriculture operations
  • Transportation of Agriculture inputs, Agri-produce and labourers for farm activities
  • Transportation of Milk Cans & cattle feed
  • Farm & produce related marketing activities etc
Upto 84 months
Co-Borrower / Guarantor
Optional or case to case basis
Minimum & Maximum Age
21 years at the time of beginning of contract and 65 years at the end of contract respectively                      
Primary Security / Collateral
Hypothecation on the asset funded
Extent of Loan
Need Based, Upto INR 10 Lakhs.
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