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Your Dream Vacation Awaits You in 2021

    It is a myth that dream tours are expensive. You don’t need to be rich to go on a luxurious holiday; it is all about financial planning and smart saving to attain your long-term goals. If you’re planning a vacation in 2021, you should start investing every month starting now to finance your holiday.  


    Dream vacations need to be planned a year in advance. Planning helps in out-of-the-pocket expenses too. Planning an international or domestic tour with your family should be without any compromise. It’s time you start investing now and experience the fullest, most luxurious trip of your dreams.


    Below are some ways to start saving (and investing) for your 2021 dream vacation with AU Bank.


    Mutual Funds

    Investing in mutual funds will make it easy for you to realize your dream vacation. You can invest in mutual funds through a broker or financial institutions, who invest your money in various assets like equities, bonds, money market instruments and/or other securities. For this type of investment, it is necessary to remember that these assets are market-driven, and they are classified as Large-cap, Mid-cap & Small-cap, based on your risk-taking ability. If you have a high-risk appetite and seek aggressive growth, you can choose small-cap mutual funds. Both mid-cap and large-cap funds are less risky and offer decent returns.


    Fixed Deposits

    Fixed deposit (FD) is a process of saving a fixed amount at a pre-determined interest rate. To begin the process, you should link your FD account to savings or current account so that you do not miss on depositing the specific sum on a regular basis. If you have chosen customized deposit account type, you have the flexibility to select tenure and the amount you want to deposit. As compared to mutual fund investments, FDs are less risky as they are not affected by market conditions. Based on the interest rate, you will get a fixed assured sum at the end of maturity. If you’re an NRI and planning for a fixed deposit, then AU Bank is the best place to begin as it allows you to open an FD online as low as INR 1,000/- at great interest rates.


    Recurring Deposits

    For you’re an NRI, recurring deposits (RDs) are the best way to build wealth to fulfil your dream vacation. You are eligible to open an NRE Recurring Deposit, where you are required to pay a fixed sum on a monthly basis. If you’re searching for the best interest rates with high return, AU Bank allows you to start investing for as low as INR 100. The minimum tenure is ideally for 12 months. You will receive the sum assured with interest at the time of maturity. As per Finance Act 2015, interest and principal are tax-free in India for such accounts. 


    Now that you know how important it is to start investing for your luxurious dream holiday, we hope you will begin planning right away, to enjoy this tour whole-heartedly with your loved ones.  

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